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Various - Emo Diaries Chapter 8

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 7 / 8 / 2002

Various - Emo Diaries Chapter 8
Label: Deep Elm
Format: CD


Perhaps one of the "best compilations " to date yet in Deep Elm's regular and much acclaimed 'Emo Diaries' series

One of the most surprising things to happen in music this year is the adoption of emo and hardcore into the mainstream, thanks to the success of excellent bands like Hundred Reasons, Rival Schools, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory and Saves The Day and the growing cult appeal of bands like New End Original, Hot Water Music, Elliott and Britain’s Capdown. Strangely one label that has yet to really break big in Britain is Deep Elm, a label that introduced Jimmy Eat World to wider appeal on volume one of the Emo Diaries and is responsible for albums from the Appleseed Cast, Brandtson and The White Octave. Still, whenever they put something out you can be sure that a growing band of British devotees will rush to snap them up (the sadly departing radio One DJ Steve Lamacq is known to be a big fan). This compilation is one of their very best. It begins with a rush of drums, which is the intro to Kelly8’s 'Superstud'. The Swedish group are very similar to the much-missed At The Drive-In, but that, of course, is no bad thing and this is a wonderful way to start the album. Long Since Forgotten take a more melodic route and remind me of Saves The Day, which is again no bad thing. They also have the close harmonies of Brandtson down to a tee, and their track is simply stunning. I have to say that this is one of Deep Elm’s strongest compilations because it succeeds in showcasing some of the strongest new bands on the scene as well as the many different styles of hardcore and emo music. Buying this is like getting a mix-tape from a friend who really knows their stuff, and works both as a listening experience in itself and a pathway to buying some cool new CDs. That means that it fulfils every possible function of a compilation imaginable. Your 12 new favourite bands!

Track Listing:-
1 Kelly 8-Superstud
2 Long Since Forgotten-Just Listen
3 Fading Fast-White fior Poison, Black for Purity
4 Logh-Guided Tour of a Dead Man's House
5 Down-to-Earth Approach-Fourth Rung of the Ladder
6 Hateen-Danger Drive
7 Colour Blue-Of Our Disregard
8 Day Action Band-Regret
9 A Season Drive-No Air
10 Solo Project-Dreams Like Knvives
11 Home Team-Let Go
12 Slow Coming Day-A Mere Accident

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