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Lock And Key - Pull Up The Floorboards

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 18 / 11 / 2004

Lock And Key - Pull Up The Floorboards
Label: Deep Elm
Format: CD


Second release this year on the Deep Elm for Lock and Key, whose far too obvious similarities to Hot Water Music unfortunately let them down

‘Pull Up the Floorboards’ is Lock and Key’s second release on Deep Elm this year. Once again, they play a rocking style driven around catchy guitar riffs, a rigid rhythm section and gruff vocals. The best moments on this album manage to be engaging, but their far too obvious similarities to Hot Water Music let them down at times. Lock and Key are a hard touring foursome from Boston, Massachusetts comprising of Ryan Shanahan (vocals, guitar), Mike Vera (guitar, vocals), Josh Hoey (bass) and Keith Casella (drums). They formed less than 18 months before recording this full length, the follow up to their debut ‘No Fate’ mini album. One can assuredly say that their commitment to their music shines through this release, and they would certainly be a good proposition live. There are frequent occasions when this is a great listen, for example when a glimmering guitar lines jumps out of ‘Volatile’ or when the rolling drums kick in on ‘Albatross’. The band has a knack for making bouncy, punchy music that sounds abrasive but melodic. There are a series of engaging melodies. Unfortunately, there are times when the band sounds so much like Hot Water Music they could be a tribute band. Whilst this is a good listen (and whilst I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt on their first release), it becomes hard to take them seriously after two identical records. One suspects that they earned their contract with Deep Elm on the basis of what they might do rather than on what they have actually produced so far. After all, many great bands started out imitating other great bands.

Track Listing:-
1 Alchemy
2 Process Of Molting
3 303
4 Ammonia
5 Volatile
6 Albatross
7 Cover The Tracks
8 Beneath The Surface
9 Winston Churchill
10 Opening

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No Fate (2004)
Debut EP from Lock and Key, who are currently one of the heaviest bands on the Deep Elm roster

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