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Warp Records


!!! (2010)

Strange Weather Isn't It
Superb dance punk on exciting fourth album from Sacramento-based colelctive !!!

!!! (2010)

Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
Unique disco funk on latest single from Sacramento-based collective, !!!

Antipop Consortium (2002)

"Impressive" avant-garde hip hop on the Warp label from AntiPop Consorium, who were recently asked by Radiohead to support them on a European tour

Autechre (2005)

Difficult and ultimately disappointing electronica from usually impressive Sheffield duo Autechre

Autechre (2008)

Inventive ninth album from Autechre, whose intelligent dance music on this record is analogically and digitally generated from almost thirty years of electronic equipment and techniques

Autechre (2013)

Indifferent and over-long eleventh album from Sheffield-based electronic duo, Autechre

Beans (2003)

Tomorrow Right Now
Excellent downbeat hiphop on first full solo adventure from former Antipop Consortium member, Beans

Beans (2004)

Now Soon Someday
Intriguing new mini-album and salb of avant hip-hop from former Anti Pop Consortium mainman Beans, which, as well as six new tracks, also features various remixes

Boards Of Canada (2001)

In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
Chances are that if you haven't heard Boards Of Canada for yourself that you will of heard of them. They are definitely a buzz band, tipped to take over the reigns of Aphex Twin as leaders in the scho

Boards Of Canada (2002)

"Challenging" and "diverse" second album from the much hyped electronica duo Boards of Canada, which both extends on from and out strips their critically acclaimed debut album, 'Music Has the Rights to Children'.

Boards Of Canada (2003)

Low key re-release for electronica giants Boards of Canada, which surprisingly bears more resemblance to their second album 'Geogaddi' rather than their first 'Music Has the Right to Children'

Brian Eno (2010)

Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Inspirational latest album, his first for Warp Records, from Brian Eno

Brian Eno (2011)

Drums Between the Bells
Visionary latest album from Brian Eno, which finds him working with poet Rick Holland and takes its inspiration from multimedia

Brian Eno and Rick Holland (2011)

Panic of Looking
Ambient second collaboration and mini-album between Brian Eno and poet Rick Holland, which like much of his work very much remains one for Eno fans

Broadcast (2001)

The Noise Made By People
There's this cafe in the city and the second you get there you suddenly have no responsibilities and no worries. Small tables line the sidewalk out front and the people at these tables seem to never

Broadcast (2003)

Experimental, but excellent oddity from Birmingham's much touted Broadcast, back with their first new material in over 3 years

Broadcast (2005)

America's Boy/tender Buttons
7" vinyl only release for new single, the first from their forthcoming third album, for acclaimed Birmingham electronica act Broadcast

CANT (2011)

Dreams Come True
Indecipherable and ultimately tiresome debut album from CANT, the solo project of Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor

Chris Clark (2001)

Clarence Park
This, the debut release from the newest edition to the Warp roster, is at barely thirty minutes long one of the shortest Warp releases you're ever likely to come across. Thankfully, its also one of t

Clark (2006)

Body Riddle
Intelligent dancefloor music from electronica artist Chris Clark, who now working under the moniker of Clark, has put out this latest album on Warp Records

Clark (2008)

Turning Dragon
Fast and furious dance music on the most accessible album to date from American-based electronic musician Clark

Clark (2009)

Growls Garden
Occasionally brilliant latest EP from techno producer Clark

Clark (2009)

Totems Flare
Sub-standard latest album from usually reliable techno wizard Clark, who uses vocals for the first time on this new LP

Eno and Hyde (2014)

Someday World
Admirable yet underwhelming joint album between Brian Eno and Underworld's Karl Hyde

Gravenhurst (2015)

Flashlight Seasons/Black Holes in the Sand/Offerings
Excellent collection of early recordings, released to mark his tenth anniversary as Warp Records artist, from Gravenhurst, the pseudonym of Bristol-based singer-songwriter Nick Talbot who died in December

Hundred in the Hands (2010)

The Hundred in the Hands
Mildly disappointing and anonymous debut album from disco pop-infused New York duo, the Hundred in the Hands, which fails to live up to the promise of their outstanding earlier EPs

Hundred in the Hands (2010)

Dazzling latest single from New York-based electronic duo, the Hundred in the Hands

Lonelady (2015)

Extraordinary second album from Lonelady, the moniker for Manchester musician Julie Campbell, which combines sparse industrialism with both soul and funk

Maximo Park (2005)

Apply Some Pressure
Cool easy listening pop punk on new single from Newcastle-based five piece Maximo Park, who seem destined for big things

Maximo Park (2005)

A Certain Trigger
Exceptional debut album from the much hyped Maximo Park, which proves to be "possibly the most heart felt indie pop record on the left-field of Death Cab For Cutie"

Maximo Park (2007)

Our Earthly Pleasures
Lavishly-produced, but nevertheless bitingly sharp second album from Maximo Park, the follow-up to their bestselling 'A Certain Trigger;

Mira Calix (2003)

Chris Jones that the age of industrialization has not quite died with 'Skimsitta', Mira Calix's third album for the Warp label

Mira Calix (2007)

Eyes Set Against the Sun
Complex, but rewarding third solo album from prototype Warp Records artist Mira Calix

Nightmares On Wax (2002)

Mind Elevation
Disappointing fifth album from laidback former kings of electronica, Nightmares on Wax

Squarepusher (2001)

Selection 16
Based on the number of releases he's had in the last year, Tom Jenkinson (aka 'Squarepusher') must be an insomniac. Either that or he is actually able to work at the same frenetic pace that most of h

Squarepusher (2002)

Do You Know Squarepusher
Impressive and typically eclectic new double album, which features both a mini studio CD and also a live album, from electro-dance pioneer, the highly regarded Squarepusher

Vincent Gallo (2002)

So Sad
"Impressive" 12' single from the always innovative Warp label.

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