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Raveonettes - Whip It Up

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 15 / 1 / 2003

Raveonettes - Whip It Up


Denmark's the Raveonettes mix the energy and passion of the young Jesus and Mary Chain with the garage stomp of the Cramps on their debut album 'Whip it On'. Anthony Strutt profiles what he sees to be already one of the great indie releases of the year

Denmark's the Raveonettes are a two piece on record and a 4 piece live. On record they are Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo. 'Whip It On' is their first album and it kicks off with their first UK single, 'Attack of the Ghost Riders'. What an opener ! The first notes combine screaming feedback by loud guitars with a primitive drumbeat a la Moe Tucker. Even by the time I had finished hearing this first song for the first time, I had already fallen in love with this band. Only 8 songs long and lasting just over 21 minutes, it mixes the energy and passion of a young and fresh Jesus and Mary Chain with the garage stomp of the Cramps. It has been recorded in glorious B minor with the next album already recorded this time in B major in wonderful black and white. The Raveonettes, however, have more colour in their sound than most bands could hope to have in their whole careers. They are definitely where I am coming from. They love noisy guitar sounds, 50's schlock horror/Sci Fi, beat attitudes and cool grooves. The album has another worldness feel to it. It is as if you may not know who you are talking to. Are they real or alien ? Are they human at all ? Which I think is fun. The cover shot looks like a front of a house shot or a cop shot for two lunatics on the run. Have you seen these two ? Track 2 ,'Veronica Fever', feels a bit like 'Darklands' in approach, but has a more garagey 60's feel. This is without a doubt the greatest album since 'Psychocandy'. 'Do You Believe Her ? has double barrel shotgun guitars that just floor you. Apart from having the loudest and dirtiest guitars, it has a big America feel, which is not bad at all since they are Danish. Slightly wacky and compelling, my first view of the cover told me "Hey they like wacky 60's sci fi" and on 'Cops on our Tail' it comes at us with the sound of a trashy spacecraft circa '55. Add to this a stunning girl in the band and fantastic riffs to die for, and you have a fucking great and absolutely compelling band who have already made this year's album of the year. No doubt about it ! Whip It On-Attack of the Ghost Riders/Veronica Fever/Do You Believe Her ?/Chains/Cops on our Tail/My Tornado/Bowels of the Beast/Beat City

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Raveonettes - Whip It Up

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