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Raveonettes - Observator

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 31 / 10 / 2012

Raveonettes - Observator
Label: Beat Dies
Format: CD


Magical sixth album from always consistent Danish garage rock duo, the Raveonettes

‘Observator’ is the sixth album for the Danish garage rock duo of Sharin Foo And Sune Rose Wagner. Some people say this album is a return to form, but I have never thought they ever lost any of their magical charm. This album sees them do they do, which has always made them special to me, and take it just that bit further. It opens with ‘Young and Cold’, which has a crystal clear vocal from Sune and is backed by strong acoustic guitar which has a feedbacking undercurrent to it. It adds some soft piano which is a new feature for the Raveonettes. ‘Observations’ is as solid as a Bond theme, but is done in the Raveonettes’ usual unique style with a solid Sune vocal, twangy guitars, strong piano to back it all up and some great bass lines too from Sharin too. ‘Curse the Night’ starts off sounding a little like Blur's ‘Beetlebum’, and is seductively slow with a soft vocal from Sharin that drips into your ear. ‘The Enemy’ is also sung by Sharin, has a summery flow to it and is almost twee in sound, but still has enough twang in it to maintain the Raveonettes’ magic. ‘Sinking with the Sun’ has a Curve-like shoegazing glow to it. ‘She Owns the Streets’ is a jangling 1980’s number, while ‘Downtown’, a song about going up town where all the action is, is a fast-paced number which is reminiscent of the Raveonettes’ early sound. ‘You Hit Me (I'm Down)’ is a strong acoustic number with melting vocals from Sharin. It ends with some fantastic twang which the Raveonettes always do well. ‘Till the End’ combines the passion of the young Bruce Springsteen with the fury of the early Jesus and Mary Chain. A great album.

Track Listing:-
1 Young and Cold
2 Observations
3 Curse the Night
4 The Enemy
5 Sinking With the Sun
6 She Owns the Streets
7 Downtown
8 You Hit Me (I'm Down)
9 Till the End

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