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Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 4 / 9 / 2003

Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Cult movie inspired second album from Denmark's the Raveonettes, which, while still heavy in feedback, proves to be "a far sweeter affair" than their debut 'Whip It On' '

The Raveonettes return with the follow up to my favourite record of all time, their ' Whip it On' mini album which was released in February. 'Chain Gang of Love' , which lasts just over 33 minutes and has 13 songs on it, is a far sweeter affair than 'Whip It On'. It took me a good few plays to get it but , while 'Whip it On' is the Raveonettes 'Psychocandy', 'Chain Gang of Love' is their 'Darklands'. Both records are influenced by 50"s B movies, but while 'Whip it On' was creature features influenced, 'Chain Gang of Love' is influenced by the other side of Roger Corman"s work, and confused 50's teenagers, rebel couples,leather jackets, and cool motorbike gangs. While it is heavy in feedback, this feedback, unlike 'Whip It On, is very restrained. This may, as a result, find the band a new audience. 'Chain Gang of Love' is just as good an album as 'Whip it On', but is very different. Aas well as 'Darklands' era Jesus and Mary Chain, it is also reminscent of the early Velvets, early Primal Scream and even the Primitives, and is very 50s rock n roll. It is one cool CD. You bet !

Track Listing:-
1 Remember
2 That Great Love Sound
3 Noisy Summer
4 The Love Gang
5 Let's Rave On
6 Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)
7 Love Can Destroy Everything
8 Heartbreak Stroll
9 Little Animal
10 Untames Girls
11 Chain Gang Of Love
12 The Truth About Johnny
13 New York Was Great

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