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Interview (2009)

Raveonettes - Interview

In our third interview with 50s-influenced Danish garage rock group the Raveonettes, Anthony Strutt speaks to Sune Rose Wagner, the group's guitarist and singer, about their recently released fifth album, 'In and Out of Control'

Interview (2005)

Raveonettes - Interview

Back for a second interview with Pennyblackmusic, the Raveonettes' frontman Sune Rose Wagner speaks to Anthony Strutt about their third album and first full-length CD 'Pretty in Black' and heavy-duty touring schedule

Interview (2003)

Raveonettes - Interview

Danish duo the Raveonettes seven track debut mini album 'Whip It On' has earned the band favourable comparisions with My Bloody Valentine, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride and the Cramps. Anthony Strutt talks to his new favourite band



Raveonettes - Raveonettes

Marie Hazelwood photographs Danish garage rock duo the Raveonettes at a gig at Erics in Liverpool

Rough Trade East, London, 6/10/2009

Raveonettes - Rough Trade East, London, 6/10/2009

At a surprise gig at Rough Trade East to promote their new album, 'In and Out of Control', Anthony Strutt watches garage rock duo the Raveonettes play a short, but perfect acoustic set

Astoria, London, 6/2/2004

Raveonettes - Astoria, London, 6/2/2004

At his first gig of the year from his favourite new band of last year, the Raveonettes, watches the Danish duo put on another polished and impressive show and perform in front of a mosh pit for the first time

London Astoria, 6/2/3003

Raveonettes - London Astoria, 6/2/3003

At an NME showcase at the London Astoria, Anthony Strutt finds his first gig by his current favourite band the Raveonettes living up to all expectation, but is less than impressed by the rest of the bill


Whip It On (2003)

Raveonettes - Whip It On

After profiling the original version of the Raveonettes 'Whip it On' last month which came out on Crunchy Frog , Anthony Strutt now looks at the new version of the album which has been released on Columbia, and concludes that it is even better

Whip It Up (2003)

Raveonettes - Whip It Up

Denmark's the Raveonettes mix the energy and passion of the young Jesus and Mary Chain with the garage stomp of the Cramps on their debut album 'Whip it On'. Anthony Strutt profiles what he sees to be already one of the great indie releases of the year


Observator (2012)

Magical sixth album from always consistent Danish garage rock duo, the Raveonettes

Raven in the Grave (2011)

Fantastic fifth and latest album from Danish-based garage rock duo, the Raveonettes

In and Out of Control (2009)

Perfect latest album of 50's-tinged rock from Danish two-piece, the Raveonettes

Blush (2008)

Stunning new vinyl only single from discordant rock 'n' roll duo, the Raveonettes

You Want the Candy (2008)

Energetic second vinyl only single for the Raveonettes from their latest album, 'Lust, Lust, Lust'

Lust, Lust, Lust (2007)

Impressive combination of feedback and retro on fourth album from Danish duo the Raveonettes

Dead Sound (2007)

Feedback-frenzied, but 60's influenced very limited vinyl only single from Danish duo the Raveonettes

Pretty In Black (2005)

First rate combination of 50's rock 'n' roll and Jesus and Mary Chain discordance from the Raveonettes, back with a third album

Love In A Trash Cab (2005)

50's influenced beatnik guitar-rock on second single from the Raveonettes’ third album 'Pretty in Black’

Ode To La (2005)

First single from their new third album from Denmark's much acclaimed the Raveonettes, which finds frontwoman Sharin Foo sharing joint vocals with original girl's group survivor, Ronnie Spector

Chain Gang Of Love (2003)

Cult movie inspired second album from Denmark's the Raveonettes, which, while still heavy in feedback, proves to be "a far sweeter affair" than their debut 'Whip It On' '

Great Love Sound (2003)

50's inspired first single from the Raveonettes' second album that "sounds like what Bully Holly would have if he had discovered a distortion peddle"



The Good The Bad
Interview Good The Bad - Interview

Danish/Sweidsh trio The Good The Bad include former Raveonettes guitarist, Manoj Ramdas, and play raw-sounding psychedelic/surf music. Anthony Strutt speaks to them about their forthcoming second album and why they have decided to remain an instrumental act

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