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Roy Moller - Speak When I'm Spoken To

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 24 / 1 / 2007

Roy Moller - Speak When I'm Spoken To
Label: Book Club Records
Format: CD


Up and down indiepop on debut album from Glaswegian singer-songwriter Roy Moller, which also involves Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian fame

More than three years ago, in the autumn of 2003, I reviewed Roy Moller’s 7" single 'Maximum Smile' for Pennyblackmusic. I actually had to read that review again to find out what I thought about it. Already, that’s one of the problems with this record: it’s rather good, but I can’t imagine myself listening to it, or remembering any songs off it in a year’s time. Sadly, it starts off rather weakly with the title track, a song that makes me think of The Happy Mondays or some other Madchester band, which isn’t very positive in my point of view. But it gets better with song number two. 'Six Degrees' a really good pop song. You can also hear that Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian fame is involved with this album, something that is very audible on 'First You Fall in love”, a song that just as well could have been included on Belle and Sebastian’s last album. All in all, half of the songs on the album are good pop songs, the other half of the songs are mostly just boring. 'Maximum Smile' is still one of Roy’s best songs, especially the chorus, so. if you want to spend a little less money, I suggest you try to find the old 7” on Felicité Singles Club, if it hasn’t gone out of print by now…

Track Listing:-
1 Speak When I'm Spoken To
2 Six Degrees
3 Her Collected Poems
4 Teachers At Night
5 Baby, Look No Further
6 First You Fall in Love
7 Maximum Smile
8 Great Wall of China
9 Train Your Thoughts On Love
10 David Niven
11 Goodnight Everyone

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