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Adam Wood - Reviews


Declaration of Fuzz
20th anniversary re-release of the now firmly established independent German label Glitterhouse's first full-length release, an energetic and raw compilation of Swedish, German and American garage bands

Pere Ubu

Why I Hate Women
Irrestible, nervy latest album from durable Cleveland art punks, Pere Ubu

Victorian English Gentlemens Club

Impossible Sightings Over Shelton
Third single from their eponymous first album for much acclaimed Cardiff art rockers the Victorian English Gentlemens' Club

Black Neon

Arts And Crafts
Delightful slab of electro-pop rock recorded in Berlin by Black Neon, the moniker for one-man band Steve Webster


Rock Bottom Riser
Unsettling, but remarkable Americana on latest four song EP from Smog, the moniker for Texan-based musician Bill Callahan


Someone Like You
Weak disco trash from latest purveyors of the London electronica scene, Revl9n

Victorian English Gentlemens Club

The Double A Side
Chaotically brilliant second single from highly touted Cardiff-based trio, the Victorian English Gentlemens' Club


Live 1978 The Co-Op Suite Birmingham
Intriguing recording from until now forgotten Birmingham punks the Prefects, who return from obscurity with this live album which was recorded upon a 1978 tour with the Slits and the Buzzcocks

White Rose Movement

Girls In The Back
Too cool for its own good latest single from chic London rockers the White Rose Movement

Gerry Mitchell And Little Sparta

Scalpel Slice
Remarkable and unusual mini album which couples together the poetry of former Photographer of the Year Gerry Mitchell with the delicate yearnings of post rock act Little Sparta


Expedition Songs
Debut album from La Salle which, despite some of its members having played previousy with aggressive rockers Small Brown Bike, unfortunately comes across as" a rather watery form of emo-angst"


Third Reich Rock N Roll
Ironic and disturbingly briliant anti rock 'n' roll on reissue of the Residents 1976 album 'Third Rock 'n' Roll


Ballad Of Nora Lee
Confusing, but ultimately compelling from Norwegian-based and Nick Cave-influenced cod-Americana rockers, Helldorado


We're Animals
Fantastic punk funk, released on cooler than thou label Kill Rock Stars, from San Francisco three piece Numbers

Victorian English Gentlemens Club

Tales Of Hermit Mark
"Art school racket of tuneless discordant genius" on debut single from new Cardiff-based act and "revelation" The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club


The Milk Of Human Kindness
Oddball lo-fi Canadian electro rock on third album from Dan Snaith. who has recently been forced to change his alias from Manitoba to Caribou


First single from Ladytron’s forthcoming new album 'Witching Hour' which in a departure from their previous efforts "creates a futuristic electro-heralding of a brave new digital world"


Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder
Tiresome,second-rate indie guitar rock on new single from Yeti, the side project of Libertines bassist John Hassall

Art Brut

Bang Bang Rock 'n" Roll
Ironically sordid and lazily brilliant art rock on debut album from South London scamps Art Brut


Completed 2004
Underwhelming boys club only compilation of Pennsylvanian rock and roll, which shows itself to be everything grunge tried to long leave behind

Black Lipstick

Sincerely Black Lipstick
Uncompromising, kicking-against-the-system glam/punk rock on second album from Austin, Texas four piece Black Lipstick

Tom Vek

We Have Sound
Stunning debut album, recorded entirely in his father's garage rock., from Tom Vek, which proves itself to be a "veritable tour de force combination of electro wizardry and unrelenting rock and roll"


Lump In My Throat
Third single from deservedly hyped Northamton group the Departure, which is "a cacophony of angular rhythms, edgy bass and echo ridden New Wave guitar duelling"


Achingly beautiful new single from Interpol, which contains four B-sides of tracks off their new album 'Antics' each one remixed by a different member of the band

Kaiser Chiefs

Debut album from the much hyped Kaiser Chiefs, which proves "to be little more than a re-hash of Brit Pop vaguery, akin to Menswear at their very weakest"


Starship Galactica
Re-release of the much acclaimed electro wizard Cex alias Rjyan Kidwell's debut album re-mastered and re-packaged with three extra tracks

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