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Tom Vek - We Have Sound

  by Adam Wood

published: 16 / 3 / 2005

Tom Vek - We Have Sound
Label: Tummy Touch Music
Format: CD


Stunning debut album, recorded entirely in his father's garage rock., from Tom Vek, which proves itself to be a "veritable tour de force combination of electro wizardry and unrelenting rock and roll"

If 2004 was the year of Art School cool then 2005 is the year of the geek and it’s spearheaded by Tom Vek, whose skinny, limp wristed, former anorak-addict’s frame revels in the pale acrid light of this lo-fi masterpiece. Recorded entirely in his father’s garage, Vek takes it upon himself to play every instrument on every track, further increasing his DIY punk ethic that was laid down on the preceding ‘If You Want’ EP. ‘We Have Sound’ is a veritable tour de force combination of electro wizardry and unrelenting rock and roll. Super-funk bass lines and tinny, repetitive drums characterise the album, none more so than on the opener 'C-C (You Set The Fire In Me'. Vek’s blank, emotionless monotone presides stoically over his self proclaimed “Electro geek rock,” giving the proceedings an air of nonchalant genius. This record is a ten track triumph encompassing everything from the down beat dance floor slap bass of 'If You Want' to the Squarepusher esque angry ambience of 'Cover'. The lyrics again and again talk of driving (such as in 'Nothing But Green Lights' - “Gonna drive ourselves out of this town/In a 1989 Black/ Mercedes Benz”) and of movement and direction ('On the Road' - “You said I was the road map”). Perhaps then, the commotion made by various record labels trying to sign Vek has reflected heavily upon him, as the storm revolves around him and his music he feels like the motionless eye within. So it’s the music that becomes Vek’s vehicle of progress away from stilted negotiations, somewhere where he can find escape, speed and direction. The only real draw back of ‘We Have Sound’ is that three of the first four tracks have previously been released, perhaps a marker of Vek’s creative limitations, or more likely and indication of the amount of work and discipline that goes into music designed to look so underfed. Tom Vek is certainly cruising down a road less travelled with his unique blend of punk rock ethics and incredibly innovative electro geek chic and he really can no longer be ignored, so catch hold of ‘We Have Sound’ before it careers into the distance.

Track Listing:-
1 C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)
2 I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes
3 If You Want
4 A Little Word In Your Ear
5 If I Had Changed My Mind
6 The Lower The Sun
7 Cover
8 Nothing But Green Lights
9 On The Road
10 That Can Be Arranged

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