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Revl9n - Someone Like You

  by Adam Wood

published: 17 / 6 / 2006

Revl9n - Someone Like You
Label: Select Label
Format: CDS


Weak disco trash from latest purveyors of the London electronica scene, Revl9n

Here we go again, in the spirit of the White Rose Movement (the band not the agitators), yet another electro disco standard aimed directly at the floors of the failing Trash Club in West London. Complete with female vocals giving voice to the yearnings of oversexed emo teenagers for the post Smiths bedroom, think of singer Maria Eilersen as being like Kate Jackson from the Long Blondes without the Nico chic. An aggravating bleeping intro is joined by beats retrieved from the Hacker’s recycling bin, all thud-thud stop-start that is as equally disastrous as the economic policy that bore its name in the 1970's; a decade whose pre punk cultural inanity is quite clearly revered by the ridiculously titled Revl9n. This record tries very hard to be dirty and claustrophobic, and succeeds in doing so, if they meant it in a tramp’s three legged dog cowering in a cardboard box kind of way. Like that smelly lame dog and indeed just like all crap disco music, Revl9n want someone, they need someone, "ooh ooh ooh". Somebody put that thing out of its misery, please.

Track Listing:-
1 Someone Like You
2 Closer
3 Spin
4 Someone Like You (Freeform Five Remix)

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