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Jon Rogers - Reviews

Bob Marley And The Wailers

Easy Skanking in Boston 78
Occasionally ragged but overall strong live album from Bob Marley and the Wailers, which, previously only available on bootleg, was recorded at two 1978 Boston concerts

Chris Smither

Up on the Lowdown/Drive You Home Again
Excellent double CD reissue of 1990s albums from cult American blues singer-songwriter, Chris Smither

KK Null

Cryptozoon X
Experimental and thought-provoking but sadly often monotonous mini-album from Japanese guitarist, KK Null

Hollis Brown

Gets Loaded
Unnecessary and pointless remake of the Velvet Underground’s final album ‘Loaded’ from New York rockers, Hollis Brown

Gram Parsons

The Early Years, Vol. 1 and 2
Unessential retrospective of early recordings, some unreleased, from the late Gram Parsons, which will prove of interest to his devoted fan base only

Eno and Hyde

Someday World
Admirable yet underwhelming joint album between Brian Eno and Underworld's Karl Hyde

Kirsty Maccoll

All I Ever Wanted: The Anthology
Fantastic new double CD compilation from the much missed Kirsty MacColl, which includes several little-known tracks and obscurities

Kitchens Of Distinction

Flawed first album in nineteen years from criminally overlooked in their day South London-based alternative rockers, Kitchens of Distinction


Incoherent but occasionally brilliant thirtieth album from the always unpredictable the Fall


Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake
Fine Nick Drake tribute album which, recorded live at concerts in Melbourne and London, includes contributions from Vashti Bunyan, Danny Thompson, Green Gartside and Robyn Hitchcock


The World is Ours Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else
Magical, if predictable live double album/DVD from heavy rock legends, Motorhead

Holy Vessels

Last Orders at The Marshall Arms
Breezy and upbeat Americana on debut album from diverse Brighton-based five piece, Holy Vessels

Factory Star

New Sacral
Atmospheric post-punk on six track mini-album from Factory Star, the new band of former Fall member and Blue Orchids front man Martin Bramah.


For My Parents
Frequently cliched, but also equally often impressive latest album from Japanese post-rock band, Mono

Knife and Fork

The Higher You Get the Rarer the Vegetation
Captivating avant garde, experimental rock on second album from Knife and Fork, the project of Californian musician Eric Drew Feldman, who spent five years with Captain Beffheart and the Magic Band

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

The Lost Broadcasts
Fascinating and absolutely compelling live footage recorded for German TV by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band during a turbulent 1972 European tour

Dead Rat Orchestra

The Guga Hunters of Ness
Haunting and evocative debut offering from ambient folk trio the Dead Rat Orchestra, which is the soundtrack to a BBC documentary about the hunting of gannets in the North Atlantic


Often derivative, but largely enjoyable distortion-influenced indie rock on first album in thirteen years from New Zealand-based trio, Bailterspace

Rebellious Jukebox

Killer on the Dancefloor
Accomplished electro rock on latest single from Birmingham trio Rebellious Jukebox, which however depends too much on its 80's influences

Giant Giant Sand

Underwhelming debut album from prolific Tucson-based songwriter and musician Howe Gelb's new twelve-strong project Giant Giant Sand, which has little to segregate it from his other projects

Silver Jews

Early Times 1990-1
Endearing and revelatory collection of early lo-fi recordings from continuously underrated New York band, the Silver Jews

Rusty Bear

Source to Sea
Easy-on-the-ear, but often inventive folk rock from Leeds-based trio, Rusty Bear

Magic Castles

Magic Castles
Underwhelming psychedelic folk on debut album from fantasy-inspired Minneapolis band, Magic Castles


Suprisingly subtle hard rock on their second single in their new line-up for London-based band, Lilygun


Long-awaited, but fabulous indie pop on debut album from Morecambe-based band the Heartbreaks


The Lost Broadcasts
Unexciting and somewhat repetitive DVD of rarely seen film footage shot for German television in 1971 of the Byrds

Bitch Magnet

Bitch Magnet
Melodic and intelligent post-hardcore from influential but horribly-named late 80's and early 90's Ohio-formed band Bitch Magnet, whose three albums have been released colelctively in one beautifully packaged set


Ersatz GB
Predictable combination of both the brilliant and the awful on twenty ninth studio album from the Fall, which will keep their fanbase eager for the next instalment


Shining Over You
Pleasant, but unmemorable indie pop from Ottawa-based pair of brothers, Skytone

Martin Hannett

Maverick Producer, Genius and Musician
Inessential and unnecessary collection of Joy Division and New Order's producer Martin Hannett's early production work and recordings


Be My Baby: The Very Best of
Excellent if unnecessary new compilation from ultimate 60's girl group, the Ronettes

Johnny Cash

Bootleg 3: Live Around the World
Flawed and mainly inessential double CD of largely unheard material from the late Johnny Cash

John Cale

EP: Extra Playful
Sparkling new EP from member John Cale which lives up to its title and makes an excellent taster for an album which will be out next year

Sonic Youth

Simon Werner A Disparu
Superb latest album from Sonic Youth composed for a French thriller, which maintains an excellent balance between both the New York-based band's traditional rock and more esoteric halves

Lucky Strikes

Gabriel, Forgive Me My 22 Sins
Eclectic Americana on concept third album from Southend-on-Sea based band, the Lucky Strikes, about once promising real life boxer Frank Valentinez who after throwing a fight slid into drug addiction, alcholosim and crime

Absent Without Leave

Faded Photographs
Atmospheric, but out of time debut album from rural-influenced ambient act Absent Without Leave

Cold in Berlin

Give Me Walls
Exuberant and frequently impressive debut album from brash London-based punk pop act, Cold in Berlin

Core of the Coalman

Box of the Last Help
Formulaic and uninspired minimalism on latest album from Coal of the Coalman, the project of Prague-based composer Jorge Boehringer


Modern Rituals
Dull and monotonous-sounding folk rock on debut album from New York-based band, Chief

Wyatt, Atzmon and Stephen

For the Ghosts Within
Unusual, but totally enthralling jazz collaboration between former Soft Machine frontman Robert Wyatt, sxaophonist Gilad Atzmon and violinist Ros Stephen


Comprehensive three CD collection of radio sessions, B-sides, early EPs and unreleased tracks from Exeter-based experimental trio, Appliance

Agnes Obel

Understated and autumnal debut album from Danish pianist and singer-songwriter, Agnes Obel

Blue Aeroplanes

China Brilliance Automotive
Firm return to form on vinyl only single and first release since 2006 from Bristol-based cult art rockers the Blue Aeroplanes, which precedes an album that will come out next year


Grinderman 2
Likeable second album from Nick Cave's jokey other band and blues act, Grinderman, which, however, does not tread very far away from the blueprint of its first album


Heathen Child
Nihilistic, but forceful vinyl and download only first single from their second album for Nick Cave's project, Grinderman


Faust is Last
Sprawling and somewhat unfocused double album from German experimentalists, Faust

Awesome Color

Massa Hypnos
Vitalic and enthusiastic, but often bland Stooges and MC5-influenced third album from Brooklyn-based trio, Awesome Color

A Place To Bury Strangers

Ego Death
Straight-to-the-point and distortion-friendly rock on latest EP from New York noise trio, A Place to Bury Strangers


Your Future Our Clutter
Demanding and obtuse, but yet wonderful latest album from the Fall

Mark Beazley

Contemplative and tranquil, if somewhat predictable instrumental debut solo album from Rothko founder, Mark Beazley


Wide Open Road: The Best of the Triffids
Excellent compilation and also introduction to highly regarded 80's Australian band the Triffids

Serge Gainsbourg

Poet and Provocateur
Underwhelming and somewhat unnecessary compilation from ever controversial French singer-songwriter and lyricist, Serge Gainsbourg

Archie Bronson Outfit

Accomplished third album from London band the Archie Bronson Outfit which finds them moving away from their garage rock roots and in a more experimental direction

Gilded Palace of Sin

You Break Our Heart, We'll Tear Yours Out
Compelling debut album from evocative Nick Cave-influenced Manchester-based band, the Gilded Palace of Sin

Ruby Throat

The Ventriloquist
Sluggish Americana on 2008 debut album from Ruby Throat, the latest project of former Daisy Chainsaw singer Katy Garside, which has now released in a new edition with an additional EP

Glass Rock

Talls Firs Meets Soft Location
Lacklustre debut album from Glass Rock, the side project of Brookyln-based avant-garde bands Talls Firs and Soft Location

Katy Carr

Evocative and surprisingly effective themed latest album from London-based singer-songwriter Katy Carr , which draws both musically and lyrically from World War II for its inspiration

Terry Edwards And The Scapegoats

I Didn't Get Where I Am Today
Eclectic, but surprisingly cohesive re-release with extra tracks of multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards quirky and left-fireld 1997 album

Dead Shores

Modern Men
Ham-fisted satirical punk on debut EP from Wigan-based four-piece, the Dead Shores

Boy Who Trapped the Sun

Watermark EP
Wistful, but unassuming debut EP from the Boy Who Trapped the Sun, the project of Isle of Lewis-born, but now London-based folk artist, Colin MacLeod

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