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Magic Castles - Magic Castles

  by Jon Rogers

published: 1 / 5 / 2012

Magic Castles - Magic Castles
Label: A Records
Format: CD


Underwhelming psychedelic folk on debut album from fantasy-inspired Minneapolis band, Magic Castles

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. The warning signs were there in plain sight. The band name for a start, some of the song titles like 'Ballad of the Golden Bird', 'Mystical Sage Warrior' and 'Imaginary Friends'... and the statement that the band from Minneapolis are "lyrically concerned with trolls, golden birds and other creatures". But this reviewer overlooked all that and was dazzled by the claim that here was a band inspired by the likes of Spacemen 3 and Galaxie 500, amongst others. Let's just say there's nothing here that is even remotely a patch on the likes of 'Revolution' or 'Isn't It a Pity'. Not even close. While it's hard to tell exactly what words are actually being sung and from that name and the song titles it's hard to shy away from the conclusion that here are a group of under-developed young men, who are socially awkward, find it difficult to relate or even talk to women and spend all their spare time indulging in a modern-day version of Dungeons and Dragons, creating imaginary worlds for their fantasy alter egos or avatars. You get the strong impression that what they're going on about is sheer, utter twaddle of the finest order. Okay, you can stop sniggering and pulling faces at one another at the back now. 'Magic Castles' might be dire but not quite that dire - if you can stomach a mish-mash of neo-psychedelic-folk, or whatever moniker it goes under nowadays. Clocking in at eight minutes 'Ballad of the Golden Bird' might have a ridiculous title but it's perhaps the showpiece of the album, all er, neo-psychedelic-folk. Perhaps it's best not to think too much about the lyrics. It's pleasant enough. The band's folkier leanings are more evident on 'Now I'm a Little Cold'. Really though there's little that's magical about Magic Castles.

Track Listing:-
1 Death Dreams
2 Now I'm A Little Cold
3 Imaginary Friends
4 Ballad Of The Golden Bird
5 All My Prayers
6 Songs Of The Forest
7 10 100
8 Letterbox
9 Big Sur
10 Mystical Sage Warrior
11 Emery Memories

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