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Factory Star - New Sacral

  by Jon Rogers

published: 12 / 9 / 2012

Factory Star - New Sacral
Label: Occultation Recordings
Format: CDS


Atmospheric post-punk on six track mini-album from Factory Star, the new band of former Fall member and Blue Orchids front man Martin Bramah.

'New Sacral' is the latest six-track mini-album from the four-piece fronted by the former Fall founding member Martin Bramah (and who also went on to form the Blue Orchids). Fortunately 'New Scaral' doesn't doesn't sound too much like either band - although there are a few nods here and there to his past. In fact, the record, released on 10" vinyl as well as CD splits neatly in two. First up are three faster-paced adrenaline-fuelled slices of post-punk, awash with a lively organ and a slight rockabilly swagger - all epitomised in the opening 'Up and On'. Whisper it quietly, it wouldn't be that out of place on a Fall record... A similar pace is set by the currently topical 'Olympian' (although Pennyblack suspects it has very little to do with sporting achievement), and is dominated by a swirling, taut organ which adds a sort of Hammer Horror-style drama. 'Incorruptible' is really the weak link here despite getting off to a fine post-punk bass rumble. But it quickly breaks down into little more than Bramah singing the title over and over - and going nowhere slowly. Things are slowed down on the final three, especially on the ponderous 'Strangely Lucid' - perhaps the strongest song of the pack - its slowed down pace adds more dynamics and an eerie tension as well as some spiky guitar. 'Super Real' and 'Weird World' are more of the same but not quite in the same league but still fit in well with the overall feel. 'New Sacral' neatly acts as a sort of calling card for anyone not familiar with the band's debut full-length album 'Enter Castle Perilous' last year.

Track Listing:-
1 Up and On
2 Olympian
3 Incorruptible
4 Strangely Lucid
5 Super Real
6 Weird World

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