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Occultation Recordings


Distractions (2017)

Kindly Leave the Stage
Fabulous third and final album from the Distractions which surpasses even their classic 1980 debut ‘Nobody’s Perfect’

Distractions (2012)

The End of the Pier
Extraordinary first album in thirty-two years from underrated classic pop-influenced punk/new wave act, the Distractions

Everlasting Yeah (2015)

Anima Rising
Fantastic debut album from the Everlasting Yeah, which formed out of the ashes of That Petrol Emotion will definitely appeal to fans of that group

Factory Star (2012)

New Sacral
Atmospheric post-punk on six track mini-album from Factory Star, the new band of former Fall member and Blue Orchids front man Martin Bramah.

Granite Shore (2017)

Suspended Second
Second album from the Granite Shore which is mainman Nick Halliwell’s angry response to Brexit and, wrapped in Abba-like melodies, one of the albums of the year

John Howard (2016)

Across the Door Sill
Intimate approach on hauntingly compelling set of longform pop from rediscovered 1970's singer-songwriter John Howard

June Brides (2012)

A January Moon/Cloud
Stunning vinyl and download only first single and new material in twenty six years from the legendary indie pop outfit, the June Brides

Prophet Hens (2016)

The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys
Well-crafted pop on second album from the Prophet Hens, who have arisen out of Dunedin, New Zealand's rich music scene

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (2020)

Songs of Yearning/Nocturnes
Innovative and captivating latest album from the mysterious Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, which features a limited edition extra album

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (2017)

Inspirational second album from the enigmatic Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, which, originally released in 1991 only on CD and cassette, is now being reissued for the first time on vinyl

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (2015)

Beauty Will Save the World
Otherworldly and enigmatic third album and first in twenty-four years from Liverpool-based band, the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Shifting Sands (2016)

Cosmic Radio Station
Compelling, well-rendered psychedelic rock on second album from New Zealand band, the Shifting Sands

Wild Swans (2009)

Liquid Mercury
Evocative and reflective new single from reformed Liverpool-based group, the Wild Swans

Wild Swans (2009)

English Electric Lightning
Magnificent ten inch vinyl only single from Liverpool-based group the Wild Swans, who, reforming after an absence of two decades, have at last matched their early enormous possibility


Interview with Nick Halliwell (2013)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Nick Halliwell

John Clarkson talks to Nick Halliwell, the owner of Occultation Recordings, about the making of the new vinyl edition of The Wild Swans' 'The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years' , which appears in three different editions



Interview Distractions - Interview

The recent release of the band's third album, ‘Kindly Leave The Stage’ on the Occultation Recordings label is being promoted as the last Distractions album. Malcolm Carter speaks to Steve Perrin and Nick Halliwell about why they have decided this will be the final word from the Distractions.

Granite Shore
Interview Granite Shore - Interview

Occultation Recordings owner Nick Halliwell talks about his band The Granite Shore's long-awaited debut album, 'Once More From The Top’, which is a concept album about a group, and his difficulty in getting it released

Occultation Recordings
Interview With Nick Halliwell Miscellaneous - Interview With Nick Halliwell

John Clarkson speaks to Nick Halliwell, who is also a songwriter, musician, producer and the front man with the Granite Shore, about his label Occultation Recordings, which puts a special focus on vinyl and has seen releases recently from the Distractions, the Wild Swans and Factory Star


Granite Shore
Profile Granite Shore - Profile

Malcolm Carter reflects on Distractions' guitarist and Occultation Recordings' boss Nick Halliwell's band the Granite Shore's debut album ‘Once More From The Top’ which, out in May, he believes to be 'one of the most impressive and important albums not just of this year but the whole decade'

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