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Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus - Mirror

  by Keith How

published: 19 / 4 / 2017

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus - Mirror
Label: Occultation Recordings
Format: LP


Inspirational second album from the enigmatic Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, which, originally released in 1991 only on CD and cassette, is now being reissued for the first time on vinyl

Originally released in 1991 only on CD and cassette, the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus' second album 'Mirror' is being re-released for the first time on vinyl. 'Mirror' sounds as fresh and timeless as on the day of release just like the faith it represents! The album opens with a hypnotic invitation in 'Shadowlands'. With a sense of early Pink Floydian atmospherics found on 'The Valley' an angelic voice whispers over an insistent beat. This is the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, elusive and partially hidden, eseoteric and shrouded in mystery. 'Immaculado' follows, which is an apocalyptic gentle folk prayer. Emotional and beautiful, this huge composition climaxes with a frenzied saxophone and wild flute in an intense mix of swirling noise. 'Mirror' is a profound work. To try and capture this wonderful eclectic combination of Orthodox spiritual influences, Middle Eastern rhythms, industrial noises and ethereal chants in words is quite difficult. At times it appears that you are in an isolated monastery, and a long forgotten ancient liturgy is coming from some hidden cloisters inviting you into a spiritually-charged atmosphere. Then 'Le Mondeo du Silence' hits you with a pulsating dance beat and sacred chant bringing the sense of Sufi-like ecstasy. The release of only their third “proper” album 'Beauty Will Save the World' appeared as if by magic last year. Many devotees (myself included) considered this to be something of a second coming. and listening to “Mirror” is equally as inspiring and entrancing. 'Nostalgia' has a mysterious psalm-like vocal before flowing in an Eastern European vibe that could work easily as a film soundtrack. There really is nothing quite like the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. Multi-layered atmospheres, snatches of liturgy, film dialogue, sacred imagery along with a contemporary sound scape all fit together to blur the boundaries between sacred and secular. 'Psalm' is a holy choir with a brutal electronics and monastic bell leading into 'Nativity' upon which a sampled voice repeats a mantra amidst pounding percussion. This is heady, impressive stuff. The obvious timelessness and beauty found on 'Mirror' is a journey I can highly recommend. The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus have created an iconography of their own to open a window for the modern world to catch a glimpse of eternity.

Track Listing:-
1 Shadowlands
2 Inmaculado
3 Joy Of The Cross
4 Hymn To Dionysus
5 Nostalgia
6 Thême De "L'Homme Qui Ne Croyait Pas En Lui-Meme"
7 Psalm
8 Nativity
9 Man Of Sorrows
10 Thême Reprise

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