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Geraint Jones

Favourite Albums


Conceived and compiled by Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman together with Patti Smith guitarist Lenny Kaye in 1972, 'Nuggets' is the definitive compilation of 60s rock and pop underground music. Now re-released, Geraint Jones assesses it abiding impact




70's punk band have just had their first two albums, 'At the Chelsea Nightclub' and '1980-The Choice is Yours' re-released. Geraint Jones looks at both reissues
Quietly determining their own path these past five years since forming in Minneapolis in 1997, the release of Bellwether’s third album, ‘Home Late’ and the reissue of their debut ‘Turnstiles’ provides an opportunity to assess the band’s career to date


Loose Recordings was founded around 5 years ago and was originally known as Vinyl Junkie. The decline in sales of vinyl just a few years later precipitated a change of name shortly after they released
Whilst the UK has until now been largely oblivious to the irresistible charms of the Rooks this is about to be rectified with the release of not one but two CDs which together comprise the majority of
Although The Posies were together for more than 12 years, their less than prolific output during this period, just 5 studio albums, doesn’t make them obvious candidates for the retrospective box set t
Together for the best part of a decade, Wondermints origins go back even further than that, to 1982 when principle songwriters Nick Walusko and Darian Sahanaja first struck up a friendship. Having


Matthew Sweet
Jesse Malin
Flo & Eddie
Nelson Bragg

Engaging tenth solo album from acclaimed singer-songwriter Matthew Sweet, which after some stuttering recent years, proves to be a partial return to some of the glories of his past
Unadventurous and somewhat bland collection of covers on fourth album from the usually dynamic New York-based singer-songwriter Jesse Malin
Excellent retrospective double CD from former Turtles stars Flo & Eddie, which compiles together two albums, 'The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie' and 'Flo & Eddie', which have inexplicably been out of print since their release in 1972 and 1974 and proves to be exemplary pop of the highest quality
Perfect upbeat pop on solo debut album from Nelson Bragg, who, as well as playing in several other bands simultaneously, has been Brian Wilson's percussionist for several years

Motion City Soundtrack
Tom Stevens
Piney Gir Country Roadshow
Dancing Did

Clichéd and overly derivative pop punk on third album from the much hyped Motion City Soundtrack
Appealing set of roots-rock, psychedelia and garage rock on third solo album and first record in twelve years from former Long Ryders member, Tom Stevens
Rousing sing-a-long latest single from Piney Gir, who has reently moved away from her background in electronica and given her songs a country overhaul
Welcome, augmented reissue of 80's post punk gorup the Dancing Did's only album

Grand Champeen
Rob Kendt

Appealing combination of punk, power pop and alt. country on fourth album from Austin, Texas-based Grand Champeen
Eclectic second album from theatre critic by day, singer-songwriter by night rob Kendt
Effective fifth instalment of Loose’ ongoing occasional ‘New Sounds Of The Old West’ series, which this time focuses its attentions on women performers from across the alt country/Americana spectrum.
Ambitous, long awaited second album from increasingly confident-sounding Gothic country-based rockers Blanche

Graham Parker
Bc Camplight
Jesse Malin
Kamikaze Hearts

Fiery new album from now American-based British singer-songwriter Graham Parker, who over 30 years on from his advent just before punk, shows that he has lost none of his anger, humour or insight
Distinctive off-kilter pop, which merges occasionally dark and disturbing subject matter with catchy tunes, from BC Camplight, the pseudonym of American musician Brian Christinzio
Punchy new single from New York-based singer-song writer, which features Bruce Springsteen on backing vocals
Appealing and quietly revelatory debut British release from Albany, New York-based Kamikaze Hearts, which will be enjoyed by fans of a number of genres including folk, rock and country

Trainwreck Riders
J DiMenna
Jesse Malin

Enjoyable punk-fuelled hybrid of rock, country and pop on sixth album from the determinedly blue collar Lucero
Flawed, but promising debut album from shambling San Francisco-based indie rock quartet, Trainwreck Riders
Intriguing and rewarding debut from socially conscious American singer songwriter J. DiMenna, slightly marred by an over subdued production
Inspired third solo album from much acclaimed New York-based alt. country singer-songwriter Jesse Malin, which finds him re-establishing the punk sound of his youth

Hold Steady
Hold Steady
Andrea Perry
Lucky Bishops

Sleazy, evocative tales of sex, drugs, booze and rock and roll on third album from much hyped Minneapolis-band the Hold Steady, which will appeal to fans of early Springsteen, Thin Lizzy and the Replacements
Instantly classic debut UK single from the Minneapolis-formed, now Brooklyn-based Hold Steady, which proves to be a rambunctious hybrid of early Springsteen, the Replacements and Rocket From The Crypt
Inventive and engaging pop on third album from Texas-based singer-songwriter, Andrea Perry
Off-kilter and inventive psychedelic pop on third album from the Lucky Bishops

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