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J DiMenna - Awkward Buildings

  by Geraint Jones

published: 3 / 4 / 2007

J DiMenna - Awkward Buildings
Label: Exotic Recordings
Format: CD


Intriguing and rewarding debut from socially conscious American singer songwriter J. DiMenna, slightly marred by an over subdued production

This richly detailed, often fascinating, occasionally impenetrable record is well worth spending some time with to become better accustomed. Gently expressed by the primarily hushed vocals of J. DiMenna - evidently an accomplished instrumentalist and arranger too – the music and lyrics are much more detailed and insightful than may initially be apparent. Taking issue with Christianity on several songs, most notably on album opener ‘Prayer Flag’, an articulately expressed indictment of the bible-thumping, patriotic flag-waving, megalomaniacal policies being pursued by a pivotal US political figure I needn’t name. Perhaps overly subdued at times, DiMenna’s broad range of instrumentation and ambitious arrangements might arguably be served by a brighter, more defined production. Nevertheless ‘Awkward Buildings’ is a bold, undeniably intriguing and rewarding debut with much to recommend, not least the fact that it demands time spent with it and more often than not delivers on that investment.

Track Listing:-
1 Prayer Flag
2 To Meet You
3 Given What We Know
4 Comfort
5 For When We Fall
6 Chopin
7 Peas
8 Dirty Book
9 Preacher
10 Raggedy Ann
11 Getting All You Want
12 Better Walk Down
13 Awkward Buildings

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