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Andrea Perry - Rivers of Stars

  by Geraint Jones

published: 29 / 11 / 2006

Andrea Perry - Rivers of Stars
Label: Andrea Perry
Format: CD


Inventive and engaging pop on third album from Texas-based singer-songwriter, Andrea Perry

Setting out her stall with the quirkily inventive pop of ‘Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe’, her debut album, released in 2000, which she followed up with the equally enticing ‘Two’ a couple of years later, it’s been quite a long time since we last heard from Andrea Perry. ‘River Of Stars’, her newly self-released third album pleasingly relieves the anticipation and fulfils the expectation instilled by that four year absence. Like it antecedents, ‘River Of Stars’ yet again reveals a bounty of melody and invention. Perry effortlessly is able to change the mood – from wistful (‘Broken Heart’, ‘Day Moon’) to blissfully wacky (‘Take Me Where The Lion’s Roar’) – without ever coming across as maudlin, trite or frivolous. A multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire, with the exception of drummer Chris Searles and Pat Murray’s occasional trumpet, what you hear is entirely the work of Andrea Perry. Operating somewhere below the radar, and perhaps happy to be there, Andrea Perry’s unique and wonderful pop music, distinctive voice and outlook are deserving of much wider recognition. ‘River Of Stars’ is a must have in my book and taken together with ‘Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe’ and ‘Two’ makes for a mightily impressive body of work.

Track Listing:-
1 Fly
2 Leaves of October
3 Broken Heart
4 Don't You Still Want Me
5 It's in the Way
6 Take Me Where the Lions Roar
7 This Little Time
8 Never Knew
9 Reservoir
10 Soul Cries
11 Let's Not Go Out Tonight
12 Day Moon
13 Wasting Away
14 Rivers of Stars

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