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Kamikaze Hearts - Oneida Road

  by Geraint Jones

published: 21 / 4 / 2007

Kamikaze Hearts - Oneida Road
Label: Tangled Up
Format: CD


Appealing and quietly revelatory debut British release from Albany, New York-based Kamikaze Hearts, which will be enjoyed by fans of a number of genres including folk, rock and country

For anyone unfamiliar with Kamikaze Hearts – despite their 7+ years together and several previous releases, ‘Oneida Road’ represents their first UK release – so that’s probably the majority – dismiss any preconceptions on the band’s name, as they’re most assuredly not the latest punk or garage rock brats on the block. A 5-piece band from Albany, New York, the Kamikaze Hearts fresh and quietly invigorating perspective on the increasingly catch-all Americana genre is a revelation. More alternative than country perhaps, the band throw, albeit quietly, a number of influences into the pot resulting in a very fine album that ought to win them favour in a number of camps – be it folk, rock, country – traditional or alternative. Two distinctive vocalists in Troy Pohl and Gavin Richard add variety, with both complementing each other perfectly where appropriate. Although utilizing primarily conventional instrumentation, their inventive arrangements, slightly more amplified than previously reveal a band surely on the cusp of even better things and hopefully a modicum of success too, which for perseverance alone they surely deserve. If it was purely down to the songs they’d already be there!

Track Listing:-
1 Top Of Your Head
2 Defender
3 You Can't Just Get Up And Leave
4 No One Called You A Failure
5 Half Of Me
6 Wolfert's Roost
7 Ash Wednesday
8 Deer Hunter
9 Guyana High School Class Of '78
10 Pompadour

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