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The Beautiful Music


Armstrong (2017)

Fragments and Curiosities: The 4 Track Sessions
Uneven but enjoyable compilation of B-sides and other obscurities from pastoral Welsh folk act Armstrong

Dot Dash (2013)

Half Remembered Dream
Enjoyable late 70’s/early 80’s-influenced third album from Washington DC punk/new wave act, Dot Dash

Dot Dash (2013)

Winter Garden Light
Addictive second album from Washington DC punk/new wave act, Dot Dash

Dot Dash (2019)

Proto Retro
Enjoyable, nostalgic-rooted sixth album from jangly Washington DC group punk pop Dot Dash

Dupont Circles (2020)

In Search of the Family Gredunza
Erratic and uneven debut album from US indie band the Dupont Circles which is a compilation of songs recorded during the past thirty years

Exploding Flowers (2021)

Stumbling Blocks
Enjoyable but repetitive jangly pop on second album from LA-based quartet Exploding Flowers

James Clarke Five (2019)

Parlour Sounds
Enjoyable new album from the James Clarke Five, the latest project of Liverpool-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Hughes.

Peter Hall (2020)

There’s Something Wrong With Everyone
Breathtakingly impressive debut EP from singer-songwriter Peter Hall

Roy Moller (2011)

Playing Songs No One's Listening To
Fantastic 60's-influenced Americana on second album from Glasgow-based singer-songwriter and musician, Roy Moller

Roy Moller (2016)

There is a Thousand Untold Stories
Fantastic sixth album from Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Roy Moller, the first copies of which come with an extra disc

Roy Moller (2023)

Songs From Be My Baby
Challenging but highly rewarding autobiographical album from Scottish singer-songwriter Roy Moller in which he reflects upon his upbringing as an adopted child

Skytone (2011)

Shining Over You
Pleasant, but unmemorable indie pop from Ottawa-based pair of brothers, Skytone

Various (2010)

All Those Times We Spent Together: A Tribute to the Television Personalitie
Admirable Television Personalities tribute album from Canadian label The Beautiful Music, the third in a series of ten that it planning to release

Various (2013)

A Brilliant Escape
Superb eighteen track free download compilation sampler from Ottawa-based label This Beautiful Music, which includes artists such as Dot Dash, Roy Moller and the Model Spy

Yellow Melodies (2018)

Spanish indie power pop band The Yellow Melodies’ eighth album is a cheery, sunny collection declaring their love of things pop



Stephen Wade
Interview Willie Dixon - Interview

Lisa Torem talks to banjo-player and author Stephen Wade about his recent book, ‘The Beautiful Music All Around Us: Field Recordings and the American Experience’, which is about folk music of the 1930s and 1940s


Competition Sound - Competition

In our competition, we have ten copies to give away of 'There Must Be a Hole in Your Memory', a seventeen song tribute CD, which has compiled by Canadian label, the Beautiful Music, and is otherwise at the moment unavailable

Television Personalities Television Personalities - Television Personalities

In our competition we have ten copies of a Television Personalities 23 song tribute album, 'All Those Times We Spent Together', from Canadian label The Beautiful Music to give away

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