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Dot Dash - Half Remembered Dream

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 17 / 12 / 2013

Dot Dash - Half Remembered Dream
Label: The Beautiful Music
Format: CD


Enjoyable late 70’s/early 80’s-influenced third album from Washington DC punk/new wave act, Dot Dash

‘Half Remembered Dream’ is Washington DC band Dot Dash's third album in two years, and was rexorded in Baltimore. The band have shared bills with Ash, the Monochrome Set, and the Bats. ‘Here's to) the Ghosts of the Past’ sounds like a new wave anthem, but has more jingle jangle and definitely more spirit. ‘Hands of Time’ shuffles along in a neat and tidy fashion. Its charming guitars hum sweetly, and singer Terry Banks’ vocals are strong enough to get you humming along to them, thus making the whole track very radio friendly. ‘Bloom/Decay’ is like an instantly catchy power pop number of the 1980s, and will put a stupid grin on your face. ‘11th Hour’ is almost like an early Beatles rock ‘n’ roll era number, and easy to mop top your hair too. ‘Do Re Mi’ is fast and furious and fun, a pogoing anthem, and ‘Broken Halo’ has more of a jagged edge to it. ‘Shopworn Excuse’ has perfect rhythms of street poetry, and, tightly played, is a smashing crowd pleaser. ‘Fiction Section’ is a classic new wave number, worthy of a ‘Top of the Pops’ appearance back in the day. ‘A Light in the Distance’ is punk fun, like the early Damned and reminiscent of ‘New Rose’. Sadly the final track on the album ‘The Sound in Shells, a new wave number, doesn’t really ignite and ends the album on a note of mild disappointment. A decent enough album though of late 70’s and early 80’s-influenced punk and new wave.

Track Listing:-
1 (Here's To) The Ghosts of the Past
2 Hands of Time
3 Bloom / Decay
4 11th Hour
5 Do Re Mi
6 Broken Halo
7 Shopworn Excuse
8 Fiction Section
9 A Light in the Distance
10 The Sound in Shells

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