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Tapete Records


A Projection (2015)

Fabulous debut album from Stockholm-formed 80's-influenced post-punk outfit, A Projection

A Projection (2017)

Magical second album of 80's-influenced electronica which emulates bands from Depeche Mode to New Order in tremendous style

Andreas Dorau (2019)

Das Wesentliche
Mesmerizing latest album from German pop singer Andreas Dorau, who leaves out on this record choruses

Benjamin Dean Wilson (2016)

Small Talk
Surprising debut album from Tulsa, Oklahoma-based stand-up comedy balladeer Benjamin Dean Wilson with a knack for rhyming words and hitting chords

Bill Pritchard (2016)

Mother Town Hall
Forgotten 80's troubadour, Bill Pritchard, continues on the comeback trail with excellent new album

Bill Pritchard (2014)

A Trip to the Coast
Unpretentious pop on fantastic first album in nine years from Staffordshire-based singer-songwriter, Bill Pritchard

Bill Pritchard (2019)

Midland Lullabies
Hamburg’s Tapete Records continues to champion the underdog, as Bill Pritchard returns with an excellent new album

Brace Choir (2014)

Turning On Your Double
Fine combination of the experimental and traditional on debut album from Berlin-based Krautrock act Brace/Choir, slightly damaged by its vocals which are sung in English

Christian Kjellvander (2013)

The Pitcher
Tempesteous folk rock on fifth album from Swedish singer-songwriter and musician,

Christian Kjellvander (2016)

A Village: Natural Light
Introspective but haunting latest album from Swedish singer-songwriter, Christian Kjellvander

Clientele (2017)

Music for The Age of Miracles
Fabulous, long-awaited album from melancholic indiepop outfit the Clientele who have returned after a seven year absence this time with a new fourth member

Comet Gain (2023)

The Misfit Jukebox
Archival hit and miss rarities compilation from ramshackle indie pop Comet Gain that will be most appreciated by already converted fans

Comet Gain (2019)

Fireraisers Forever!
Predictable and formulaic ninth album from shambolic London-based punk pop act Comet Gain

Davey Woodward and the WInter Orphans (2018)

Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans
Excellent new solo album from former Brilliant Corners and Experimental Pop Band front man Davey Woodward

Downpilot (2015)

Radio Ghost
Formulaic and dull latest album from Downpilot, the project of Seattle-based musician Paul Hirage, which pays uninspiring tribute to 1970's pop rock

Downpilot (2018)

This is the Sound
Appealing but sometimes lazy 70's-influenced soft country rock on latest album from American group Downpilot

Drift (2020)

Retro new wave industrial music on debut album from East London act Drift, the project of London based artist Nathalie Bruno

Eight Rounds Rapid (2020)

Love Your Work
Southend’s thuggy rhythm and blues kings Eight Rounds Rapid shine on their third album

Elva (2019)

Winter Sun
Solid debut of reflective indie-pop from Tapete Records latest signing Elva, the new band of ex-Allo Darlin’ frontwoman Elizabeth Morris and her husband Making Marks’ Ola Innset

Friedrich Sunlight (2019)

Sag Es Erst Morgen
Superb Northern Soul-influenced electronica on new single from San Francisco-born but German-based pop artist Friedrich Sunlight

Gary Olson (2020)

Gary Olson
Ex Ladybird Transistor frontman Gary Olson joins forces with Norwegian brothers Ole Johannes and Jorn Aleskjaer to create a perfect indie pop album that was eight years in the making

Grand Opening (2013)

Don't Look Back into the Darkness
Melancholically beautiful and subtle fourth album from the Grand Opening, the project of Stockholm multi-instrumentalist John Roger Olsson

Hero and Leander (2013)

Superficially sophisticated, but ultimately sluggish pop on debut album from Liverpool/Essex/Reading-based group, Hero and Leander

Herpes (2011)

Symptome Und Beschwerden
Fiery old school punk sung in their native German on debut album from the charmingly-titled Herpes

Horror The Horror (2011)

Flawed third album from Swedish band the Horror The Horror which finds them moving into indie dance territory with mixed results

Jack Beauregard (2013)

Elegant yet unmemorable cinematic synth pop on third album from Amsterdam-formed but now Berlin-based duo, Jack Beauregard

Jaguwar (2018)

Dresden-based Jaguwar’s debut album, described by the band as 'noise and detail', is destined to become a shoegaze favourite

John Howard and the Night Mail (2015)

John Howard and the Night Mail
Backed by a credited band for the first time in his career, John Howard has made the natural successor to his debut album, forty years after that first release

Kristoffer Bolander (2016)

I Forgive Nothing
Melodic and sensitive Americana on new album from Scandinavian singer-songwriter, Kristoffer Bolander

Kristoffer Bolander (2018)

What Never Was Will Always Be
Subtle, confident and sparkling second pop album with a Nordic and warm touch from Swedish singer-songwriter Kristoffer Bolander

Lake (2017)

Forever or Never
Nostalgic-sounding yet often innovative eighth album from harmonic husband-and-wife Washington-based duo Lake

Last Days Of April (2021)

Even the Good Days are Bad
Appealing indie pop on tenth album from Stockholm popsters Last Days Of April who reveal increasing maturity

Last Days Of April (2015)

Sea of Clouds
Excellently performed country pop on tenth album from enduring Stockholm-based group, the Last Days of April

Lilac Time (2015)

No Sad Songs
Irresistible first album in eight years from still underrated British folk pop outfit, the Lilac Time

Martin Carr (2014)

The Breaks
Sublime comeback album of upbeat pop from former Boo Radleys’ front-man, Martin Carr

Me and Cassity (2012)

Innovative second album from Hamburg-based act Me and Cassity, the project of one-man band Dirk Darmstaedter, which combines together rock'n roll, pop music and Americana

Mira, Un Lobo! (2016)

Heart Beats Slow
Late 1990s breezy and carefree synthesizer disco pop with an edgy quality on debut album from West Coast pop-influenced Portugese band, Mira, Un Lobo!

Monochrome Set (2016)

Volume, Contrast, Brilliance….Vol. 2, Unreleased and Rare
Variable second raities compilation from the Monochrome Set, which will most likely only appeal to their hardcore fans.

Monochrome Set (2016)

Brilliant comeback album from durable London-based post-punks, the Monochrome Set

Monochrome Set (2015)

Spaces Everywhere
Infectious comeback album from influential new wave/indie pop act, the Monochrome Set

Monochrome Set (2019)

Fabula Mendax
First-rate album from indie pop outfit the Monochrome Set, which was inspired by manuscripts from the 15th century

Naked Lunch (2013)

All is Fever
Lavish-sounding ninth album from experimental Austrian-based group, the Naked Lunch

Next Stop: Horizon (2011)

We Know Where We Are Going
Menacing Kurt Weill-influenced cabaret pop on surreal, but compelling debut album from Gothenburg-based duo, Next Stop: Horizon

Nick Garrie (2018)

The Moon And The Village
Evocative and beautiful new album from long lost singer-songwriter and folk artist Nick Garrie

Pete Astor (2022)

Time On Earth
Mesmerising new solo album from former Loft and Weather Prophets frontman Pete Astor which proves to be one of the best records in his career

Pollens (2012)

Brighten and Break
Fantastic harmonic pop from Seattle sextet Pollens, which, taking its influences from World music, manages to be easy-on-the-ear and complex at the same time

Proper Ornaments (2019)

6 Lenins
Fantastic psychedelic-influenced pop on third album from critically acclaimed London indie band the Proper Ornaments

Proper Ornaments (2020)

Mission Bells
Excellent second album in nine months from London-based electronic pop outfit the Proper Ornaments

Simon Love (2022)

Love, Sex and Death Etc
Simon Love’s first album in four years is pop magnificence that takes on all the major topics of life

Simon Love (2018)

Sincerely, S. Love x
Irreverent and offbeat but excellent indie pop on second solo album from former Loves front man Simon Love

Soft Hills (2011)

The Bird is Coming Down to Earth
Thoughtful and atmospheric blending of folk, psychedelia and ambience on second album from Seattle-based band, the Soft Hills

Soft Hills (2014)

Enjoyable but monotonous second fourth album from the Soft Hills, the project of Seattle-based experimental musician Garett Hobba

Soft Hills (2013)

Clever, but inconsistent and frequently bland sunshine pop on debut album from Seattle-based band, the Soft Hills

Stereo Total (2019)

Ah! Quel Cinema!
Offbeat and quirky lo-fi new wave on eclectic latest album from Paris-Berlin duo Stereo Total

Telescopes (2021)

Songs of Love and Revolution
Haunting and also surprisingly accessible twelfth album from London-based veteran noise/experimental rockers the Telescopes

Telescopes (2015)

Hidden Fields
Eighth offering from Stephen Lawrie's the Telescopes, whom deliver a fine soundscape of noise and confusion

Telescopes (2019)

Exploding Head Syndrome
Discordant but often riveting and surprising eleventh album from experimental noise rock act the Telecopes

Unhappybirthday (2020)

Fine 80’s-influenced synth pop on fourth album from German electronic trio Unhappybirthday

Unhappybirthday (2022)

Stella Loops
Fifth album from German synth outfit unhappybirthday has sci-fi roots but isn’t quite kosmische.

Urlaub in Polen (2021)

Impressive sixth album and first in nine years from Cologne new wave krautrockers Urlaub in Polen

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