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Infectious Music


Albert Hammond Jr (2015)

Momentary Masters
Enjoyable if slight slice of glossy power pop on third album from Strokes guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr

Ash (2004)

Storming new single from Ash, which proves to be the latest in the long line of their "summer pop-rock" songs

Ash (2007)

Sadly awful second single from Ash's new album 'Twilight of the Innocents'

Bloc Party (2016)

Impressive and infectious return-to-form on experimental fifth album from London-based band, Bloc Party,

Cloud Control (2011)

There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight
Boundary-breaking and totally infectious second single from Australian band, Cloud Control

Cloud Control (2011)

Bliss Release
Startingly mature and totally compelling debut album from Australian pop act, Cloud Control

Cloud Control (2013)

Dream Cave
Instantly uplifting second album from upbeat Australian indie pop outfit, Cloud Control

D4 (2002)

"Fun' second single from New Zealand garage rockers, the D4

DMA’s (2016)

Hills End
Hit and miss debut album from Britpop-loving Sydney band DMA's which proves to be flawed by its influences

Drenge (2013)

Abrasive and intense but bleakly humorous debut album from controversial Derbyshire-based sibling duo, Drenge

Funeral For A Friend (2004)

Escape Artists Never Die
Formulaic, but impressive new single from the fast-rising Funeral for a Friend

Leftfield (2015)

Alternative Light Source
British electronic/dance pioneers Leftfield release their third full-length album and continue to be as relevant as they ever were

Local Natives (2010)

World News
Potentially promising single from LA-based art rockers Local Natives, which, however, seems better suited to being an album track

My Vitriol (2001)

What's so exciting about My Vitriol? Why have some music journalists been waxing lyrically about them for over a year, long before they have even released an album? And why have others given them so

Symposium (2001)

One Day At A Time
'Symposium' were originally formed back in 1992 at a school in Kensington, West London by 5 teenagers. Having replaced the bassist it took them a few years to work their way into the music business bu

These New Puritans (2013)

Field of Reeds
Ambitious third album from cinematic former ‘NME’ Album of the Year’ winners, These New Puritans

Turn (2001)

Check My Ears
Turn are a hard band to place. You think you've got them sussed and then they open a new song in a completely differently style from the last one, sending you into the type of confused panic that is

Turn (2001)

Anti Social
"Don't expect a warning when I come ! " They bring it all out in the open right from the first line. Turn aren't here to make you feel cosy. Painfully realistic, they're here to be brutal and hone

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