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DMA’s - Hills End

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 7 / 3 / 2016

DMA’s - Hills End
Label: Infectious Music
Format: CD


Hit and miss debut album from Britpop-loving Sydney band DMA's which proves to be flawed by its influences

Despite being a new Sydney band, it appears that DMA’s were nurtured on a strict diet of 90’s Britpop with extra helpings of Oasis’s 'What’s The Story 'Morning Glory)?' in the lead up to creating their debut long player, 'Hills End'. Cards on table, I didn’t take to the whole Britpop thing at the time and, despite hailing from Manchester, I have precious little time for Oasis, though I will concede that Noel Gallagher is a decent songwriter. As such, there are times on 'Hills End' ('Too Soon' and 'Step Up the Morphine') when the Oasis influence becomes barely palatable, which is a real shame as there is lots to admire on the album when the band break the shackles of the Burnage band’s spell. Slower songs like 'Blown Away', 'In the Moment' and probably to become a minor festival anthem 'Delete' are charming affairs that showcase a more natural side to the band, while 'The Switch' has a more than acceptable Cast feel about it. DMA’s are playing live across the UK at the moment and I just hope that singer Johnny Took doesn’t wear a parka or sing with his hands behind his back because, over time, if they develop their own sound and their influences become less obvious they stand a real chance of making it. All the ingredients are there. They just need to throw away the established cook books of old.

Track Listing:-
1 Timeless
2 Lay Down
3 Delete
4 Too Soon
5 In The Moment
6 Step Up The Morphine
7 So We Know
8 Melbourne
9 Straight Dimensions
10 Blown Away
11 The Switch
12 Play It Out

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