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Damaged Goods


Age Of Jets (2004)

Go Go Gadget Pop
Sometimes fun, sometimes irritating Brit pop from Hull-based five piece, which proves to be a "not-quite comfortable fusion" of Blue, the Super Furry Animals and the Flaming Lips

Billy Childish (2009)

Archive From 1959 - The Billy Childish Story
Admirable career-spanning double CD compilation from eccentric Chatham-based musical outsider, Billy Childish, released to celebrate his 50th birthday

Butcher Boy (2011)

Helping Hands
Emotive literary-influenced indie pop on third album from underrated Glaswegian-based band, Butcher Boy

Chefs (2012)

Records and Tea: The Best of
First-rate compilation from lost 80's Brighton twee pop band the Chefs, who were musically years ahead of their time.

Cowbell (2012)

Beat Stampede
Infectiously good debut album from London-based blues-influenced two-piece, Cowbell

Fabienne Delsol (2010)

On My Mind
Excellent third album of 60's-influenced pop from French-born, but now London-based singer, Fabienne Delsol

Galileo 7 (2019)

There is Only Now
Solid sixth album from Medway’s Galileo 7 which features the band’s signature psychedelic sound

Giuda (2013)

Let's Do It Again
Fabulous 70’s-influenced glam rock on debut album from Rome-based five-piece group, Giuda

Holly Golightly (2004)

Slowly But Surely
Business as usual 60's-inspired garage rock 'n' roll from the much acclaimed Holly Golightly, back with a 13th album

Holly Golightly (2003)

Truly She Is None Other
Authentic and impressive stripped down garage rock 'n' roll from former Thee Headcoatees star and long-serving solo artist, Holly Golighty

Holly Golightly (2003)

Little Stars
Over "saccarine" Christmas single from the otherwise dependable Holly Golighty

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs (2007)

You Can't Buy a Gun When You're Crying
Lo-fi and stripped down rockabilly largely recorded as duets from the ever consistent Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly Featuring The Brokeoffs (2012)

Long Distance
Accessible, but somewhat repetitive country/folk from much acclaimed garage rocker, Holly Golightly

Mikabomb (2002)

The Fake Fake Sound Of Mikabomb
"Early New York Punk meets Asian pop" on the first full-length from Mika Bomb, who are like "a sped-up version of the Shangri-Las"

Piney Gir Country Roadshow (2010)

Jesus Wept
Funny, but also memorable and often touching country and western on third album from Kanasa-born, but now London-based singer-songwriter, Piney Gir

Priscillas (2005)

Aloha From Holloway
Fantastic noisy pop punk on new EP from acclaimed all girl London group the Priscillas, which comprises together their first two 7" only singles

Priscillas (2005)

All My Friends Are Zombies
Exciting mixture of 50’s and 60’s rock ‘n’roll and punk on new 7" from all girl outfit the Priscillas

Singing Loins (2012)

...Here on Earth
Ballsy folk punk from the world’s self-confessed, longest serving amateur band, the Singing Loins

Talulah Gosh (2013)

Was it Just a Dream?
Elative and totally compelling twenty-nine song compilation from short-lived but influential 80's pop act, Talulah Gosh

Wild Billy Childish and CTMF (2015)

Acorn Man
Fabulous garage rock/punk the second with his current band CTMF, from Medway-based cult artist Billy Childish

Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire (2007)

Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall
Compelling mix of punk rock, blues, 60's beat and rock ‘n’ roll on new album from the ever energetic and unique Billy Childish

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