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Piney Gir Country Roadshow - Jesus Wept

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 11 / 10 / 2010

Piney Gir Country Roadshow - Jesus Wept
Label: Damaged Goods
Format: CD


Funny, but also memorable and often touching country and western on third album from Kanasa-born, but now London-based singer-songwriter, Piney Gir

'Jesus Wept' is about as fun an album as I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in quite some time. Piney Gir takes us on a stompin’, hollerin’, country-fied walk through loves won and lost, with an indie hardness giving the album an extra bit of grit to accompany that candy corn. The feel of the album as a whole, for me, can be summed up in the one song, ‘Master_Mistress’. This track starts as a slow country ballad, then moves into a pounding pre-chorus – complete with distorted guitar reverb and rasping vocals, before drifting back into country balladry in the chorus: “Tell me why won’t anyone sing my song/Why can’t mankind just get along/With a woman who ain’t content with a ditch/Ooh, I’m a cowgirl (bitch)” The album is also full of the kind of lyrical deftness I associate with the best country music. For example, on ‘My Imaginary Baby’, Gir sings “She laughed til she cried/All the tears in her eyes/And she cried til she laughed when the cows came home”. Again, in ‘Dog ‘n’ Bone’, we get “I take myself for a new tattoo/And block your name in Bavarian Blue” The humour and sense of fun which run through this collection of songs keeps it a bouncy, enjoyable listen, but it’s not a one-trick pony either; there are some really memorable, touching moments on 'Jesus Wept', which mean it bares repeated listens. Well worth breaking out the ten-gallon hat for.

Track Listing:-
1 40 Days And Nights
2 I Was Born In A Thunderstorm
3 The Sheriff Of San Miguel
4 Master/Mistress
5 Fast Cryin'
6 Lucky Me
7 Claw Machine
8 Imaginary Baby
9 Dog 'n' Bone
10 Great Grey Belly
11 I'm Better Off Without A Piece Of A Shell Of A Man
12 Fly South
13 Pray I Never Wake To Tell
14 After The Flood (Bonus Tracks)
15 Footsteps In The Sand (Bonus Tracks)
16 Forever Young (Bonus Tracks)

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