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Holly Golightly Featuring The Brokeoffs - Long Distance

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 21 / 4 / 2012

Holly Golightly Featuring The Brokeoffs - Long Distance
Label: Damaged Goods
Format: CD


Accessible, but somewhat repetitive country/folk from much acclaimed garage rocker, Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly describes this new album almost as a gift to her fans. ”After many requests to incorporate the best of the solo Holly Golightly songs into the live set, with top-notch backing provided by The Brokeoffs, I have picked some of my original band favourites and recorded this collection for old and new fans alike." Being new to Holly Golightly and he band mate Lawyer Dave I approached this album with nothing but the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn lodged in my brain. Opener 'No Big Thing' dispelled this image instantly and replaced it with dirt and spit country bars. Golightly's vocals are slightly raw as if from too much bourbon and too many heartbreakers. 'Mother Earth' is slow and slide guitars all the way. I am not a country fan by and large and occasionally we stray to far into straw chewing line dancing territory for me on tracks such as 'Eye for anEmpty Heart' for example, but there is a self assurance and cowgirl swagger that ensures I like the album anyway. That is like not love because if I stop paying attention I don't always realise we are on a new track. There is coherence in an album and then there is repeating the same track over and over. 'Long Distance' stays on the right side of that particular divide but it strays dangerously close to crossing the line at times. My favourite track is the very spare and sweetly short 'My Love Is', which has a different feel to the louder, jangling numbers. It is followed by close second favourite 'Your Love Is Mine', which makes more use of Holly and Dave's vocals. Overall this is an interesting and accessible country/folk album.

Track Listing:-
1 No Big Thing
2 Mother Earth
3 Eye For An Empty Heart
4 Dear John
5 Come The Day
6 Black Night
7 I Don't Know
8 My Love Is
9 Your Love Is Mine
10 Big Boss Man

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