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Galileo 7 - There is Only Now

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 4 / 7 / 2019

Galileo 7 - There is Only Now
Label: Damaged Goods
Format: CD


Solid sixth album from Medway’s Galileo 7 which features the band’s signature psychedelic sound

'There is Only Now' is Medway’s Galileo 7’s sixth and latest album. It is psychedelic pop that packs a punch. Allan Crockford, the bassist for the seminal band the Prisoners, began Galileo 7 ten years ago as an outlet for his songwriting ambitions. Galileo 7 includes Crockford on lead vocals and guitars, Viv Bonsels on keyboards, Paul Moss on bass and Mole on drums. All four take lead vocal turns here, which helps give the music varied textures. The opener 'Everything is Everything Else' gets to rocking from the get go. There is a strong guitar line; a sweet dash of paisley, but a straight ahead rocker. There is singing about “too much information” along with charging instrumentals. On 'Too Late' Viv Bonsels sings a fine harmonic vocal, accompanied by some masterful drum work- rhythmic and rollicking. On the excellent title track, 'There is Only Now', the lyric is “There is nothing to hide/It’s so hard to tell if it’s heaven or hell.” It is very well stated and rings true. With a mellifluous flow, 'Let Go; asks “Do you want to face your fears? Doesn’t everyone?” “Improvising on a theme of doubt” is the lyric on 'The World Looks Different Today'. “The world,” Galileo 7 explains, “never changes its ways.” On 'The Last Hours of Aldous Huxley,' Galileo 7 states “I think you can trust me.” They are singing about 'The Doors of Perceptio'n, a book by Huxley, published in 1954, that elaborates on the psychedelic experience. The Galileo 7’s lyric speaks to leaving it all behind. 'Dandy in Aspic' is colourful and bright with lyrics about time elastic. “I want to go home/The world doesn’t know." The lyric also references another fine Galileo 7 album 'False Memory Lane'. The rocking closer is '(I’ve Got Them Old) Microcosmic Blues (Again)'. “Staring at my shoes again,” Crockford sings, “Time will tell.” 'There is Only Now' is both psychedelic pop and straight ahead rocking. It is another pleasing outing for the Galileo 7. Solid and sound.

Track Listing:-
1 Everything is Everything Else
2 Too Late
3 There is Only Now
4 Slipping Away
5 Let Go
6 The World Looks Different Today
7 Looking Up
8 The Last Hours of Aldous Huxley
9 Crooked Smile
10 I Dream of Sleep
11 Dandy in Aspic
12 (I've Got Them Old) Microcosmic Blues (Again)

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