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Elefant Records


Belle Ghoul (2013)

Saturday Knife Fight
Instantly catchy yet unpredictable limited edition vinyl only single from Belle Ghoul, whose members include Electric Six member Christopher Tait and Patti Smith's daughter Jesse Smith

Belle Ghoul (2014)

Rabbit's Moon and Doomsday
Impressive blend of rock, pop and electronica on new ten inch vinyl mini-album from Detroit group Belle Ghoul, which includes ex- Electric Six keyboardist Christopher Tait and Patti Smith's daughter Jesse Paris Smith

BMX Bandits (2013)

BMX Bandits in Space
Excellent first album in five years from seminal and much acclaimed Scottish indie pop veterans, BMX Bandits

Catenary Wires (2015)

Red Red Skies
Acoustic and heartfelt debut album from Catenary Waves, the new band of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly and Tender Trap's Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey

Cristina Quesada (2015)

You are the One
Orchestral debut album from Madrid-based singer-songwriter Cristina Quesada, which proves to be ultimately too bubblegum for its own good

Fitness Forever (2014)

Irresistible second album of 70’s-influenced pop from Italian band Fitness Forever, which was recorded entirely on vintage equipment

Helen Love (2009)

Calm Down Dad
Raw low budget punk on splendid new single from Welsh musician, Helen Love

Iko Cherie (2015)

Dreaming On
After spending time with Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier in Monade, Bordeaux- born and raised Marie Merlet has released her debut album as Iko Cherie, which reveals that there is so much more to her than a love of 60's French pop

Lightning in a Twilight Hour (2015)

Slow Changes
First-rate vinyl-only debut mini-album from Lightning in a Twilight Hour, the new project of Bobby Wratten from Trembling Blue Stars

Lightning in a Twilight Hour (2015)

Fragments of a Former Moon
Exceptional indie pop on debut album from Lightning in a Twilight Hour, the new band of Trembling Blue Stars and the Field Mice's front man Bobby Wratten

Lightning in a Twilight Hour (2016)

And All the Ships at Sea
Stunning vinyl-only mini-album from Lightning in a Twilight Hour, the latest project from Bobby Wratten, the former frontman with the Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars

Modular (2012)

Sinfonías Para Terrícolas
Charming, if unoriginal 60's soundtrack-influenced pop sung in Spanish from Argentinian six piece, which grows with each listening

Mogul (2001)

'Rotunda' sees the return of Mogul and their rickety brand of lo-fi, as part of the ongoing Elefant singles club. This 7” of delight is on pink flecked vinyl so it bears a passing resemblance to a Ref

Nick Garrie (2009)

Psychedelic,chilled out folk on first rate new single from lost 60's singer-songwriter Nick Garrie, who is making a comeback after a forty year absence

Primitives (2012)

Echoes and Rhymes
Enjoyable, but somewhat bland comeback album of often little-known female-fronted cover songs from 80's indie pop act, the Primitives

Primitives (2014)

Excellent second comeback album from reformed 80's indiepop act, the Primitives

School (2008)

All I Wanna Do
Fantastic twee pop on debut single from new Welsh eight piece the School, which features members of the Loves and the Boy Least Likely To

School (2012)

Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything
Sublime 60's-influenced twee pop on second album from eight-piece Cardiff-based band, the School

School (2014)

When I Fall in Love
First-rate 60's girl group-influenced new vinyl single from eight-piece Cardiff-based group, the School

School (2015)

Wasting Away and Wondering
Initially confusing but quickly compulsive third album from Cardiff-based indie pop band, the School

Silver Factory (2012)

The Sun Shines Over You
Excellent vinyl only debut four song EP from Byrds- influenced Leicester-based band, the Silver Factory

Silver Factory (2012)

If Words Could Kill
First-rate summery pop on ten inch vinyl only mini album from 60's-influenced Leicester-based band, the Silver Factory

Television Personalities (2008)

The Good Anarchist
Lo-fi vinyl only new single from the legendary Television Personalities

Trembling Blue Stars (2005)

Bathed In Blue
Fantastic new EP from much acclaimed Trembling Blue Stars, which proves to "the best record that the Cure have never made"

Trembling Blue Stars (2007)

The Last Holy Writer
Fantastic, reflective and almost immediately classic possibly final album from Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars (2007)

Exploring the Shadows
Masterful latest EP from Trembling Blue Stars, which consists of tracks recorded at the same time as their recent album, 'The Last Holy Writer', but not used on it

Trembling Blue Stars (2011)

Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires
Fantastic seventh and final double CD album from acclaimed indie pop group, Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars (2011)

Correspondence EP
Poignant but entrancing farewell EP from acclaimed indie pop band, Trembling Blue Stars

Various (2001)

'The most exciting collection ever made' Spanish label 'Elefant' brazenly describe their 'Casablanca' compilation as on its front cover, and several members of the Pennyblackmusic team would undoubte

Various (2001)

Elefant Dosmiluno
File under “vocal pop, indie pop, pop rock, and easy listening” or at least that is how Spain’s Elefant records categorise their budget priced introduction to their rather lovely roster. The joyo

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