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Various - Elefant Dosmiluno

  by Laura Branch

published: 17 / 12 / 2001

Various - Elefant Dosmiluno
Label: Elefant Records
Format: CD


File under “vocal pop, indie pop, pop rock, and easy listening” or at least that is how Spain’s Elefant records categorise their budget priced introduction to their rather lovely roster. The joyo

File under “vocal pop, indie pop, pop rock, and easy listening” or at least that is how Spain’s Elefant records categorise their budget priced introduction to their rather lovely roster. The joyous sounding indie pop of La Casa Azul launches us with much gusto into a compilation which is actually, dare I say it, good, and what’s even more surprising, is that it’s consistently good. Indeed, we all know that compilations, especially those of the budget priced variety, can be patchy to say the least…then again I am perhaps more than a little biased being a bit of an Elefant devotee. The compilation as a whole has a defining sleek, clear, fresh sounding pop sound, without being at all samey or repetitive. For example, we veer from the glossy perfect pop (acoustic guitars, flutes…and hand claps!) of Me Enveneno De Azules to the “mysterious techno-pop” of Gasca, and on again to the almost unreal sound of The Pancakes. Is their vocalist on helium? Or is she singing with a peg on her nose? Either way this is the kind of thing that you will love or hate instinctively as it sounds synthetic in the extreme. La Monja Enana, however, allow us another insight into their fantastical electro pop world. Their track – “Me Enamore de Un Robot” sounds like a high octane Figurine crossed with Baxendale and some Pro Plus. Nice. Continuing on the electro pop theme, I made some rather unusual observations whilst listening to Automatics. For the first fifteen seconds they reminded me of Bros (it’s a shocking admission I know, and I am ashamed), then they morph into the Happy Mondays…oh and then The Shamen. Not an obvious musical hybrid, admittedly, but it actually produces rather nice bouncy synth pop. “Elefant Dosmiluno” also provides as with some indie-pop-rock (that all new genre) from the likes of Juniper Moon and Beef. Juniper Moon reminded me initially of the B-52’s and then literally for a split second, I could hear Pixie-esque guitars, whilst Beef provide us with manically fast guitars that get your heart a-beating, yet are countered by very measured vocals as he sings about waiting for highlights – just how much does it take to excite him when there are manic guitars telling you to run around in circles? On the easy listening-come-indie-pop front we are treated to the girly seduction of Niza, the richly soulful duet between Ana D and Ibon Errazkin (ex of Le Mans and, without wishing to pigeon hole his solo efforts, we all know exquisite they sounded) and other such delights. Carlos Berlanga, for example, manages to fuse space age pop with a slice of funk and some tropical sounding brass. The aptly monikered Les Tres Bien Ensemble however, produce the most stereotypically sixties sounding pop you have ever heard…ever! Not even then did it sound this kitsch. And I love it. The keyboards are both kitsch and reminiscent of those run down seaside resorts, complete with ballrooms, where your grandparents while away their days dancing at a very sedate pace. The xylophones are incredibly twinkly, almost tinny...in fact at times to the point where your ears might start to bleed – yey! As compilations go this is remarkably good, and thus in turn so are elefant records…and if your musical tastes encompass the likes of Tahiti 80, Dean Martin and S Club 7, then this really is your “Now that’s what I call music” album.

Track Listing:-
1 La Casa Azul : Galletas
2 Cooper : Vertigo
3 Me Enveneno De Azules : Dibujando Corazones
4 Niza : Por Las Tardes
5 Vainica Doble : Dices Que Soy
6 Vielo : Vamos A Caminar
7 Nosotrash : Si Es Que Hay Suerte
8 Carlos Berlanga : Impereabilizado
9 Les Tres Bien Ensamble : Chanson D'Amour
10 Gasca : Lugar Sonado
11 Pancakes : Stupid Star
12 Vacaciones : No Es Tan Facil
13 La Monja Enana : Me Enamore De Un Robot
14 Juniper Moon : Me Siento Mejor
15 Cecilia Ann : Romperosa
16 La Pequena Suiza : Vente Conmigo
17 Ana D E Ibon Errazkin : Galaxia
18 Union Wireless : Just One Minute
19 Pribata Idaho : Spain Is Pain
20 Beef : Highlights
21 Ibon Errazkin : Madrid Rock
22 Automatics : Swayfest

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