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Laura Branch


Harper Lee

Brighton based boy/girl combo Harper Lee comprise of Keris Howard (vocals, guitars, keyboards) of Trembling Blue Stars and Laura Bridge (guitars, keyboards, drums) of Kicker fame. Their short history


Baxendale are the reason why I was late to school for most of last year. Y’see some have deigned to suggest that I’m a little psychopathic in the mornings (I know, I know, you can’t believe it of me either…) but I found that bouncing around my bedroom at


Radio Khartoum

LB : Hello, how are you today? AB : Feeling surprisingly fit, thank you, considering how late I worked last night. Woke up fresh after 4 hours, no alarm, no nothing, just kinda ready... If I figure it out, I'll patent it.

Favourite Albums


In the latest in this series, in which a different one of our writers writes about a favourite album of his or her choice, Laura Branch examines Mansun's 1997 debut 'Attack of the Grey Lanterns.'


Francis Albert Machine

Maudlin indiepop on new solo album from Airport Girl member Francis Albert Machine, unfortunately marred by hard-to-hear lyrics
Sophisticated, fun electro pop on one-off 7" single on the new Unpopular label from much-acclaimed twee popsters, Lovejoy
First release on new indiepop 7" llimited edition label, Unpopular Records, which features two live tracks from the Clientele
"Conciously retro", but "insanely catchy" indiepop on long-awaited debut from Cardiff's the Loves

Set Designers
The King Of Luxembourg

"Eerily bittersweet" and "nerve-wracking" indiepop from much acclaimed Pipas
Familiar, but comforting indiepop on new single from Cardiff group, the Loves
Ramsackingly "charming and cute" bedroom indiepop from new act, the Set Designers
Entertaining, if a little idiosyncratic indiepop on coloured vinyl from former él sigining Simon Fisher Turner, aka the King of Luxembourg

Liberty Ship
The Guild League
Paper Moon

First-rate indie pop from new British duo the Foxgloves, who have drawn early comparisions with the Smiths and New Order
Perfect "jangly indie pop with harmonicas" from exciting new Nottingham-based group, Liberty Ship
Debut album from Lucksmiths' voclaist and percussionist Tali White's side project, the Guild League, which, despite chirpy sing-a-long nature contains a surprisingly dark edge
Spectacular "pristine pop" on "Impressive debut" from new Winnipeg group

Michael Carpenter

Thoroughly enjoyable new sampler from the diverse Darla indiepop label, that fields a "wealth of new, slightly off the beaten track music"
"Delightful" debut compilation from new indie-pop label, Heavenly Pop Hits, which, co-run by Pennyblackmusic writer Tommy Gunnarsson, includes tracks by Remington Super 60, Nixon, Sodastream and ballboy
"Sophisticated" debut release on Matinee label by new London girl/boy duo Pipas
"Classic " power pop release from under-rated Australian multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter that compiles together tracks from his previous two albums, Hopefulness' and 'Baby' , but which also features several new songs

Lollipop Train

'The soundtrack to an imaginary film – the soundtrack to your internal monologue", 'The Politics of Disappearance' is the latest compilation from Radio Khartoum, "one of the few truly innovative record labels of the moment."
Some would say sacrilegeous, others brilliant reworking of the old Go Gos hit.
The French – they’re suave, they’re chic, they invented pain au chocolat – and for this I salute them. They also excel at making rather fine but largely ignored pop music, although fear not because “
This is the penultimate instalment in a series of fantasy pop concept albums which have come on the Siesta label offshoot – Reverie. The albums, released between September 1998 and September 2000 , c

Harper Lee
Napoleon Maria

Harper Lee’s debut album is what is proverbially known as a “grower” .At first listen it may seem simply like another batch of angst ridden songs written by and for dressing gown wearing, cold baked b
As someone who has a strong aversion to the summer and sunshine (which I am currently soaked in) I will quite happily reminisce on those cold but cosy months which last for about eleven months of the
This conservative indie pop compilation was originally released way back in 1997 in the death throes of Britpop when people still strutted around with a certain amount of pride in their gazelle traine
Maria Napoleon, the guise for Shazna Nessa and three producers-cum-masterminds Jerry Butler, John Austin and Matt Hulse, sees the sixties influenced chic pop series, Reverie, brought to its conclusion

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