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Various - Hit Music Only

  by Laura Branch

published: 9 / 7 / 2002

Various - Hit Music Only
Label: Heavenly Pop Hits
Format: CD


"Delightful" debut compilation from new indie-pop label, Heavenly Pop Hits, which, co-run by Pennyblackmusic writer Tommy Gunnarsson, includes tracks by Remington Super 60, Nixon, Sodastream and ballboy

'Hit Music Only' is the aptly titled impressive debut release from the Swedish-based indie-pop label, Heavenly Pop Hits. The ethereal elite of the indie pop world gather to entertain us, from Remington Super 60 and Nixon, to Sodastream and ballboy – fusing together different styles to keep you on your argyle-sock-ensconced toes. Unlike most compilations which, as I’ve doubtless said before, have a tendency to be of a rather inconsistent nature – providing you with a few treats, padded out with the obligatory dross- the Heavenly Pop Hits people admirably, and in stark contrast have clearly masterminded this compilation and filled it with tracks that you and I will love. My love for indie pop was triggered by a compilation on March Records, and 'Hit Music Only' has succeeded in reviving my flagging interest in the assorted shades of indie pop that the umbrella encompasses. Yes, I was suffering from the metaphorical seven-year itch – I turned my back on my record collection and flirted rampantly with Fischerspooner for several months, but then, this CD plopped through the letterbox and I soon saw the error of my ways. Better the devil you know and all that. Although talking of electro pop, Lucy Electric delighted me with a rather mournful yet highly addictive track whilst The Future made me want to dance like Rick Astley – from the waist up only. Endearingly whiney paled-faced boys wailing with gusto feature intermittently in the form of Avocado Baby, The Fantasy Lights and Dennis Driscoll who sweetly sings “Tell me that you love if your love for me is true”. You just couldn’t say no. It’d be worse than leaving the cat out overnight in the rain. There are even pearls of wisdom from Free Loan Investments – we all know the 'Pretentious Girl' they sing of who “thinks it’s better being sad than happy”, and who “likes the music [she] thinks that no one knows, but everyone knows it and it probably shows how [she’s] mainstream after all”. Dorotea sing 'Please Mister Postman', a song about the overriding desire to receive interesting letters, fanzines and demo tapes in the post, which I’m sure everyone will identify with. Nothing quite compares to the excitement of an unexpected package in the post. Yet without wishing to over analyse (too much!), its songs like this that demonstrate how Heavenly Pop Hits aren’t blinded by some pompous and arrogant “cooler-than-thou” ethos. This album gives the air of a label more endearing and homely than “hip” – and that’s just how I like it. A delightful compilation which undoubtedly signals the start of something very special from this nascent label

Track Listing:-
1 Fantasy Lights-Blueprint
2 Dennis Driscoll-Tell Me
3 Fragile-Miss Me
4 Lucy Electric-Pointless Art
5 ballboy-Sex is Boring
6 School Uniforms-The Sharks
7 Parcels-Jessica Pancakes
8 Hormones in Abundance-Rubinoos T-shirt
9 Winter Vacation-Weekend Travel
10 Dorotea-Please Mister Postman
11 Remington Super 60-Give to You
12 Happy Birthdays-Every Week
13 Ant-That Shining Smile
14 Future-Only One Life
15 Nixon - He Will Break Your Heart Again
16 Sodastream-Waiting Gift
17 Dear Nora-Just One More Thing
18 Eisenhower-Black Letter Boxing
19 Free Loan Investments-Black Letter Boxing
20 Avacado Baby-t.r.o.u.b.l.e
21 Handsome Train-September

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