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Heavenly Pop Hits


Various (2002)

Hit Music Only
"Delightful" debut compilation from new indie-pop label, Heavenly Pop Hits, which, co-run by Pennyblackmusic writer Tommy Gunnarsson, includes tracks by Remington Super 60, Nixon, Sodastream and ballboy

White Town (2007)

A New Surprise eP
Enjoyable Sarah Records-inspired indie pop from White Town, who had a surprise no. 1 hit in the mid 90's


Interview with Tommy Gunnarsson and Marie Sorenson (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Tommy Gunnarsson and Marie Sorenson

Pennyblackmusic writer Tommy Gunnarsson recently formed his own indiepop label, Heavenly Pop Hits, with his girlfriend Marie Sorenson. With their first compilation "Hit Music Only' just out, they talk about the problems and benefits of forming a label

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