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Paper Moon - One Thousad Reasons To Stay

  by Laura Branch

published: 1 / 9 / 2002

Paper Moon - One Thousad Reasons To Stay
Label: Endearing
Format: CD


Spectacular "pristine pop" on "Impressive debut" from new Winnipeg group

Rising phoenix-like from the ashes of, most notably, dearly departed indie popsters B’ehl, are Paper Moon – a name that reflects their duality to an extent. At first you think they’re going to be fey cardigan wearing stereotypes with those sugary vocals, but then they poke your eyes out with their guitars, resulting in smooth, melodic yet crunchy pop. The slick, expressive, seductive yet cute apple pie vocals of Allison Somers demand your attention as she glides through three and a half minutes of pure pop – you feel as if their songs wouldn’t be out of place on Top of the Pops – if it wasn’t fixed of course. Allegedly. Without wishing to ignore the three other members of Paper Moon, it is their lead vocalist Allison Somers, who, for me, makes them stand out from their contemporaries. Most notably on 'Sno-Globe', she reminds me a little of Natalie Imbruglia, a little of Kylie, and a little of Kate Bush – but without the crap, yet such comparisons undoubtedly fail to convey the uniqueness of her voice Forty minutes of pristine pop, at times mildly reminiscent of Fonda, St Etienne or the Cardigans, completes your journey through an impressive debut. For although Paper Moon won't hit you in the face with their innovation, they tread a well-trodden path with skill, grace and lustre – it’s just good chunky pop.

Track Listing:-
1 Your Thesaurus Won't Help You Know
2 Mercury is Clearly Opposing Neptune
3 Sno-Globe
4 Start Over
5 Remember Me
6 Pancake Bay Weather Station
7 Better Days
8 The History of Punctuation
9 I've Done It Wrong Again
10 Memories Through Photographs

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