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Aaron Booth (2004)

Our Last Escape
Gentle, rootsy heartbreaker pop on second album from solo artist Aaron Booth, which grows with each new listening

Meligrove Band (2003)

Let It Grow
"Breezy retro guitar pop", reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and also Northern Soul, Mercury Rev and Ben Folds, on second offering from Canadian three piece

Morellas Forest (2002)

Tiny Lights Of Heaven
Uninspiring indie power pop from the usually reliable Canadian record label, Endearing Records

Paper Moon (2002)

One Thousad Reasons To Stay
Spectacular "pristine pop" on "Impressive debut" from new Winnipeg group

Parkas (2004)

Now This Is Fighting
"Cracking", eclectic guitar rock from new Canadian group, the Parkas, who have commandeered a range of influences inlcuidng garage rock, country rock, Stax soul, psychedelia and pop

Radiogram (2002)

All The Way Home
Spectacular second album of "twangy lullabies and ambient folk" from Vancouver consortium, which will prove popular with fans of Giant Sand, Wilco and the Pernice Bros

Waking Eyes (2002)

Combing The Clouds
Eclectic and enjoyable debut album from new group, formed from the ashes of the well-received Canadian psychedelic power pop combo, the Pets.


Interview with Blair Purda (2005)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Blair Purda

Canadian indiepop label Endearing Records has an increasingly international profile. Dixie Ernill speaks to label boss Blair Purda about Endearing's decade long history



June Brides
Interview with Phil Wilson June Brides - Interview with Phil Wilson

The June Brides combination of punk attitude and spiky pop made them one of the most endearing and copied independent groups in the UK in the 80's. Gary Wollen talks to vocalist Phil Wilson about the group's short, but influential three year history


The Triumph and Tragedy of Martin Phillipps Chills - The Triumph and Tragedy of Martin Phillipps

Dastardly attends the premiere of a frank but endearing new documentary about New Zealand band The Chills and their frontman Martin Phillipps


Son of Dave
Farmhouse, Canterbury, 29/4/2010 Son of Dave - Farmhouse, Canterbury, 29/4/2010

Paul Waller enjoys an impressively ramshackle performance at the Canterbury Farnhouse from chaotic, but endearing one-off Son of Dave

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