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Set Designers - Five Songs

  by Laura Branch

published: 4 / 9 / 2003

Set Designers - Five Songs
Label: Penpal recordings
Format: 7"


Ramsackingly "charming and cute" bedroom indiepop from new act, the Set Designers

I liked the Set Designers before I even listened to them after reading their apology on the back of the record sleeve for “not having enough patience to tune the guitar properly”. Extra points for humility ! Their sound is slightly ramshackle. Jangly guitars dominate, complemented by perfect hand- claps, tambourines and sweet girly vocals – at times only just audible when I’d like to hear more of her sultry girl-next-door voice which manages to make the mundane sound intriguing – like taking the bus to town on a Friday night. Everything about the song 'Friends' sounds excited and carefree as they look forward to throwing down their guitars for the night and frolicking in the pub. Even if it rains they don’t care. Probably recorded in someone’s poster-adorned trinket-filled bedroom the Set Designers are charming and cute. [Oh, and remember to play the second side at 45 rpm else the girl sounds less enchanting and more like something out of 'The Exorcist'.]

Track Listing:-
1 Looking
2 Absence
3 Fake
4 Alright
5 Friends

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