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Francis Albert Machine - I Love You & I Don't Want You To Die: Singles & Rarities 1999-2004

  by Laura Branch

published: 16 / 9 / 2004

Francis Albert Machine - I Love You & I Don't Want You To Die: Singles & Rarities 1999-2004
Label: Chocolate Hearts
Format: CD


Maudlin indiepop on new solo album from Airport Girl member Francis Albert Machine, unfortunately marred by hard-to-hear lyrics

I dunno what’s wrong with me lately – indiepopsters everywhere are wetting themselves with joy about this album yet I’d rather listen to Robbie Williams. And I despise Robbie Williams for blighting my twelfth year of life by leaving Take That. But people are strange, and sometimes we’re drawn to those who have caused us the most pain (sniff), which is something I imagine Francis Albert Machine knows all about who (apparently) sings about lurve and loss. I say apparently because, er, I find it quite difficult to hear the lyrics unless I press my head against the stereo and I’m afraid, dear reader, that I’m not prepared to sacrifice my ears just yet. I can confirm, however, that the song title 'Tragic Love, Easy Listening' pretty much sums up my listening experience. He might well be singing about wanting to drink your blood, but the overall sound is one of mellow resignation rather than murderous rage, so I think our circulation is safe for now. Frankie Machine then: maudlin, but not a mentalist.

Track Listing:-
1 Why Are You #1
2 Nineteen Seventy Three
3 Johnny Is Throwing The Ball
4 Don't Be A Robot
5 The Struggle
6 I Invented The Walkwoman
7 No Good Charming A Broken Snake
8 I Didn't Understand It So I Gave It A Name
9 The Cause Of Hysteria
10 The Clue Is In The Question
11 Just Because I Am
12 Either Or The Both Of Us
13 The Film I Never Made
14 Rhumba For The Mainframe
15 Happy/Sadistic
16 St Agnes Day Epilogue
17 The Smoking Gun
18 Commercial Zenith
19 Tragic Love, Easy Listening
20 No Love Boat
21 Every Sunday Morning
22 The Sun Behind Clouds
23 Animated Still
24 The Equal + The Opposites Attract
25 Howl Girl Catch
26 54th + 3rd (Single Version)
27 My Funny Valentine

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