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Trembling Blue Stars - Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 4 / 3 / 2011

Trembling Blue Stars - Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires
Label: Elefant Records
Format: CD X2


Fantastic seventh and final double CD album from acclaimed indie pop group, Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars are a great band from Croydon in South London. This is their seventh and sadly final album, which has been released as a double CD,the second CD being an EP. It starts with ‘My Face For the World to See’, which is very upbeat, like the Smiths and New Order, all rolled up in one perfect bundle. It is a total joy with crystal clear vocals from singer Bobby Wratten and perfectly played guitars. ‘All Our Tomorrows’ is dance based, but hints at early Gothic-like Cure moments. As soon as the vocal kicks in, it takes you over completely. It is a true love song, the way it should be told. ‘In Arrivals’ is slow and jangly with lush backing vocals from former Aberdeen vocalist Beth Arzy, which eventually make way for Bobby's main vocal. This is the sort of material that Prefab Sprout in their early years were great at. ‘Frosting’ sounds like a song made for Christmas and is a chill out number. ‘The Imperfection of Memory’ is sung by Miaow's Cath Carroll and has an element of Everything But the Girl with its soft jazz sound which is very gentle on the ears and heart. ‘The Dark World of the Broken’ is a tribute to the Cure with big bass lines, moody guitars and a vocal that sucks you in for the journey. ‘Cold Colours’ is another tribute to the Cure, mixed with vocals that Bernard Sumner from New Order would kill for. ‘Half Light’ is sung by Beth and is a gentle number for the lost and lonely. ‘Tropic of Capricorn’ is Bobby's finest number ever. It recalls ‘Since Yesterday’ by Strawberry Switchblade until Bobby's vocal takes it elsewhere. A perky indie pop that brings a smile every time, it would make a great single. ‘The Last Four Winters of the War/Grey Silk Storm’ is a well-paced anti-war song played on acoustic guitar before in its second part it moves into electronic weirdness. ‘The Hidden Quarter’ is also sung by Beth and beautifully arranged and performed is like a near perfect Christmas number to the world. The EP is called ‘Cicely Tonight Part One’. When part two is released later this year it will be their final farewell to the world. ‘The Floating World’, which is short and perfect, casts your bad day to yesterday and keeps it there. ‘The Lowest Arc’ opens with with pleasant guitar and piano and is sung by Annemari Davies of the Field Mice, which was in Bobby's former band and who is also his ex-girlfriend. ‘Radioactive Decay’ is an ambient and experimental instrumental number, while ‘Not For Second Prize’, a cover of a song by Dream Academy, is as perfect as an early Nick Drake number. ‘Outside’ is like an experimental film soundtrack music, while ‘The Floating world (Reprise) features more chilled out ambience. ‘No More Sad Songs’, which is uncredited, ends the CD and is joyful and lovely and, like much of this album, is a perfect love letter to the world

Track Listing:-
1 My Face For The World To See
2 All Our Tomorrows
3 In Arrivals
4 Frosting
5 The Imperfection Of Memory
6 The Dark World Of The Broken
7 Cold Colours
8 Half-Light
9 Tropic Of Capricorn
10 The Last Four Winters Of The War / Grey Silk Storm
11 The Hidden Quarter
12 The Floating World
13 The Lowest Arc
14 Radioactive Decay
15 Not For Second Prize
16 Outside

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