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Trembling Blue Stars - Correspondence EP

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 1 / 8 / 2011

Trembling Blue Stars - Correspondence EP
Label: Elefant Records
Format: 10"


Poignant but entrancing farewell EP from acclaimed indie pop band, Trembling Blue Stars

The final ever Trembling Blue Stars release appears on orange 10 inch vinyl, and is very pricey at £17. But these last six tracks are a pleasure to behold. It opens up with ‘The Light Outside’, which has been remixed by Robert Hampson who was the driving force behind Loop and who, while now based in Paris, is like Trembling Blue Stars’ front man Bobby Wratten from Croydon. ‘The Light Outside’ is one second short of twelve minutes long. It is very eerie and, set in horror film soundtrack territory, much more in the vein of post rock and electronica then the band's usual indie pop sound, At nearly six minutes in Beth Arzy's beautifully lush and graceful vocal breezes in, along with a softly strummed guitar. It carries on like this for a few more minutes before it returns to horror film territory. ‘Between Stations’ is also reminiscent of a soundtrack. Dark and sinister, it has an aura throughout that something terrible is about to happen. ‘Sunrise on Mars’, is a joyous pop song, reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys, as is ‘Kidney Bingos’, which is lush and beautiful and 1980’s-influenced. ‘A Field At Dusk’ is a classic indie pop number with a strong guitar line. Bobby's vocal is crisp and backed by Beth. It moves forward in its journey and shows how sad the world will now become without this wonderful band in it. ‘A Spell of Songs’ is just under eight minutes long. Beth's vocal is strong backed by Bobby's guitar, and they are ably assisted by some odd keyboards that have a Beatles/ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ vibe to them. It ends with some TV noises which then carry on for another three minutes, finishing this poignant but entrancing farewell EP on a somewhat inaudible note.

Track Listing:-
1 The Light Outside
2 Between Stations
3 Sunrise On Mars
4 Kidney Bingos
5 A Field At Dusk
6 A Spell Of Songs

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