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Trembling Blue Stars - Bathed In Blue

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 19 / 4 / 2005

Trembling Blue Stars - Bathed In Blue
Label: Elefant Records
Format: CDS


Fantastic new EP from much acclaimed Trembling Blue Stars, which proves to "the best record that the Cure have never made"

'Bathed in Blue' is a lovely EP that lasts for just over 30 minutes and is better than most of the albums that I have heard in recent times. It opens with a very twee like vocal from former Field Mice frontman's Bob Wratten on 'The Sea is So Quiet.' This opening number is pure jangle heaven. It is backed by a brooding bass and perfect girl vocal harmonies. It has a great 1983 pop vibe to it. and recalls 'Swoon' era Prefab Sprout and the Cure of 'Let's Go to Bed.' 'Through the Silence and Games' is sung by a female, and carries itself off well. It is something like an acoustic Strawberry Switchblade meets early Everything But the Girl. 'The Sea is So Quiet (Long Version)' is exactly as its name suggests and sounds like a classic 12" remix single. It has big drums, and guitars that jangle in a gothic fashion. When the harmonies kick in, they are extra sweet. Bob's vocal doesn't even join the track to over 3 minutes in, but instantly you nod your head in approval. When, I interviewed Bob Wratten in the early days of Trembling Blue Stars back in 1999, he told me he loved the Cure's 1982 album 'Pornography' and that he wanted to do an album that was like 'Pornography 2'. On 'Wounded Light', the fourth track, he has gone part of the way towards achieving this. It has slow beaten drums, heavy and dark bass and a guitar that crawls along to a keyboard that kisses you with big black hair and a vampire red lipstick applied wrongly of course. Bob's vocal is stone cold and it suits the track perfectly. 'Branches' is also in 'Pornography' territory. It uses a tinny piano which, mixed with electronica, sounds like a modern soundtrack to a silent 1920's horror film. It has spoken word and heavy drums, which are seated on feedbacking heavy guitar lines. 'Bathed in Blue' is the best record that the Cure have never made.

Track Listing:-
1 The Sea Is So Quiet
2 Through The Silence And Games
3 The Sea Is So Quiet
4 Wounded Light
5 Branches
6 This Is Bliss

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