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Trembling Blue Stars - Exploring the Shadows

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 24 / 11 / 2007

Trembling Blue Stars - Exploring the Shadows
Label: Elefant Records
Format: CDS


Masterful latest EP from Trembling Blue Stars, which consists of tracks recorded at the same time as their recent album, 'The Last Holy Writer', but not used on it

Trembling Blue Stars' new EP consists of tracks recorded at the same time as their recent album, 'The Last Holy Writer', but not used on it. It begins with 'Beautiful Blank', which opens with a strong synthesiser beat and strummed acoustic guitar that are eventually assisted by a cello. It is sung by Beth Arzy, with Bobby Wratten joining in on backing harmonies. As it picks up speed, it has you swaying along to it and is absolutely gorgeous. 'As Easy as Being Alone' is sung by Bobby. It has a very gentle introduction and features another strummed guitar, but also eccentric loops in the background. Beth assists on backing vocals this time, and it is another perfectly delivered. tune. 'Outside Looking Elsewhere' has Bobby on vocals and Beth on backing vocals. It features a soft lead guitar while the other backing sounds like falling raindrops. The EP finishes with 'And Then Silence', a Leonard Cohen style number with a moody, very paranoid-sounding vocal from Bobby. When Beth joins in in, they sing it together as a duet, gives it a Mojave 3 feel.It has a short sharp end to it which is totally unexpected. A 7 inch version comes in white vinyl . The A side is a radio edit of 'Beautiful Blank', while the B side is an exclusive, a new song called 'Say Goodbye to the Sea 2', sung by Bobby with strummed guitar, cello, xylophone and gentle strings. The whole EP is full of very strong masterful songwriting and is a gem to treasure.

Track Listing:-
1 Beautiful Blank
2 As Easy As Being Alone
3 Outside Looking Elsewhere
4 And Then Silence

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