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Trembling Blue Stars


Interview Part 4 (2007)

Trembling Blue Stars - Interview Part 4

In the fourth and last part of his extensive interview with Bobby Wratten and Beth Arzy from Trembling Blue Stars, Anthony Strutt talks to them about the reissue of their entire back catalogue and why they have decided to abandon live work

Interview Part 3 (2006)

Trembling Blue Stars - Interview Part 3

In the third part of our four part interview with Bobby Wratten and Beth Arzy from Trembling Blue Stars, they chat to Anthony Strutt about their live work and their new album which is due for release early next year

Interview Part 2 (2006)

Trembling Blue Stars - Interview Part 2

In the second part of his four part interview with Trembling Blue Stars' Bobby Wratten and Beth Arzy, Anthony Strutt chats to them about Arzy's induction into the group and the bands's increasingly diverse sound

Part 1 (2006)

Trembling Blue Stars - Part 1

In the first part of a four part interview with Trembling Blue Stars' Bobby Wratten and Beth Arzy, Anthony Strutt chats to them about their group, their forthcoming eventual new album and Wratten's almost 20 year recording history

Interview with Bobby Wratten (2002)

Trembling Blue Stars - Interview with Bobby Wratten

Quiet, unprepossessing, non-drinking and incurably romantic, Bobby Wratten is the antithesis of the stereotypical rock star. Cila Warncke talks to one of the nicest men in rock about his long serving group, Trembling Blue Stars


A Certain Blue Light (2003)

Trembling Blue Stars - A Certain Blue Light

The Trembling Blue Stars are about to consolidate their position "as The Great Nineties Pop Band That Never Happened’ with a Best Of or Greatest Near-Hits. David McNamee looks back over their career and finds an odd resemblance in it to Kylie Minogue's


Correspondence EP (2011)

Poignant but entrancing farewell EP from acclaimed indie pop band, Trembling Blue Stars

Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires (2011)

Fantastic seventh and final double CD album from acclaimed indie pop group, Trembling Blue Stars

Exploring the Shadows (2007)

Masterful latest EP from Trembling Blue Stars, which consists of tracks recorded at the same time as their recent album, 'The Last Holy Writer', but not used on it

The Last Holy Writer (2007)

Fantastic, reflective and almost immediately classic possibly final album from Trembling Blue Stars

Bathed In Blue (2005)

Fantastic new EP from much acclaimed Trembling Blue Stars, which proves to "the best record that the Cure have never made"

Slow Soft Sighs (2002)

Three new songs from the ever-popular Trembling Blue Stars, which were recorded at the same time as the acclaimed fourth album 'Alive to Every Smile'



Charlie Big Time
Interview Charlie Big Time - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Matthew Pendlebury from Bolton-based indie pop duo about why his band have always proved more popular in America than Britain and their forthcoming appearance at a Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in Manchester on February 18th in support of the Chesterfields and Karen

Interview Aberdeen - Interview

Mid 90's Californian indiepop band Aberdeen released two singles on the infamous Sarah label, but split up shortly afterwards in acrimonous circumstances only to reform again seven years later. Frontwoman Beth Arzy chats to John Clarkson about the group's turbulent history

Harvey Williams
Interview Harvey Williams - Interview

Currently the guitarist in Trembling Blue Stars, ex-Field Mice star Harvey Williams has also released records under his own name and with his solo project Another Sunny Day. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to him about his fifteen year indiepop career


Harvey Williams and the Dreamers
Luminaire, London, 10/8/2007 Harvey Williams - Luminaire, London, 10/8/2007

Anthony Strutt finds a set at the Luminaire from former Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars Harvey Williams worth making the trip across London for, but is equally impressed by support band the Dreamers who were playing their first gig

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