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Apartments (2011)

Fantastic reissue of 1992 second album of thought-provoking Australian band, the Apartments

Apartments (2020)

In and Out of the Light
On his second ‘comeback’ album after 2015’s acclaimed ‘‘No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal’, Peter Milton Walsh offers up a collection of songs that rival any since his band the Apartments’ first releases in 1978

Birdwatcher (2002)

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
"The sound of someone who's awake when they should have been asleep for the last 10 hours, of unwanted sound on a weary brain refusing to go to sleep." Experimental and demanding, but ultimately rewarding debut from NYC project.

Callstore (2015)

Save No One
Melancholic and haunting debut album from the Callstore, the project of Brittany-born but London-based musician, Simon Bertrand

Elysian Fields (2011)

Last Night on Earth
Compelling seventh album of dreamy noir rock from New York art rock duo, Elysian Fields

Emily Jane White (2008)

Dark Undercoat
Dark and shadowy folk on well-crafted debut album from San Francisco singer-songwriter, Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White (2010)

Victorian America
Melancholically enchanting second album from Californian singer-songwriter, Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White (2011)

Ode to Sentience
Outstanding third album from folk and gothic-influenced California-based singer-songwriter, Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White (2013)

Fine Gothic-sounding and PJ Harvey-influenced fourth album from Californian singer-songwriter, Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White (2016)

They Moved in Shadow All Together
Classically-influenced and gripping new album from experimental Californian singer-songwriter, which has come out on the excellent French label Talitres

Idaho (2011)

You Were A Dick
Achingly beautiful and atmospheric eighth album from Californian slowcore act Idaho

Kim Novak (2008)

Luck and Accident
First rate debut album from early 80's influenced new French group, Kim Novak

Laish (2018)

Time Elastic
Mildly impressive second album from Laish that in the end is too mild-mannered for its own good

Le Loup (2009)

Fragile Americana on outstanding second album from innovative French outfit, Le Loup

Maison Neuve (2011)

Wistful and enigmatic debut album from French band Maison Neuve, who sing in both English and French

Micah P. Hinson and The Nothing (2014)

Micah P. Hinson and the Nothing
Compelling sixth album from Texan-based singer-songwriter Micah P. Hinson, which he recorded, after being involved in a car crash , with Scottish group the Twilight Sad and Spanish act the Aquattro String Quartet

Motorama (2013)

Flawed but unexpectedly exquisite debut album, sung in English, from Russian gothic pop outfit, Motorama

Motorama (2015)

Excellent third album from Russian band Motorama, which combine surprising 80’s Manchester post-punk influences with that of the National

Motorama (2019)

Many Nights
Melodramatic but enjoyable fifth album from Russian pop quintet Motorama which is the strongest in their career to date

Motoroma (2013)

Tanatalising and mountainous-sounding reissue of 2010 debut album from 1980's-influenced Russian post-punk five-piece, Motoroama

National (2003)

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers
First-rate emotionally intensive new album from New York quintet the National, which draws comparision with Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave

National (2004)

Cherry Tree
Impassioned new seven-track mini-album from New York's the National, which takes off from their last album 'Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers', in its depictions of heartache, lost love and solitary drinking

Raoul Vignal (2019)

Oak Leaf
Enthralling second album from French acoustic singer-songwriter Raoul Vignal which is influenced by jazz and ambient music

Raoul Vignal (2021)

Years in Marble
Exquisite and rich folk on latest album from French singer-songwriter and guitarist Raoul Vignal

Rivulets (2019)

In Our Circle
Understated Americana on fifth album from Rivulets, the moniker of Colorado-based singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson

Thousand (2015)

Fantastic synth folk pop on eponymous second album from French band Thousand, which has been released on the always reliable Bordeaux-based label Talitres

Tropical Popsicle (2013)

Dawn of Delight
Excellent, but confusing debut album from San Diego-based act Tropical Popiscle, who surprisingly take many of their influences from the North-West UK scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s

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