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Motorama - Many Nights

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 1 / 2019

Motorama - Many Nights
Label: Talitres
Format: CD


Melodramatic but enjoyable fifth album from Russian pop quintet Motorama which is the strongest in their career to date

Motorama seem to get better and better with each new LP. Their fifth album since they started out with 'Alps' in 2010, 'Many Nights' thrives on exactly such expectation. Building on from bits of New Order melody hooks, lines and melancholy, a pounding bassline props up the foreground and creates the general tone to their songs. Motorama obviously cherish a 'je ne sais quoi' attitude. Lacklustre throughout most of their existence, Motorama have never before come up with such an excellent selection such as on this fifth LP. At times sounding dangerously similar to French pop music, Motorama have learnt how to manoeuvre about. From Motorama's native city of Rostov on the River Don, it's not that far to the shores of the Black Sea. A shore breeze echoes in Motorama's songs. 'Many Nights' sums up those merry holiday memories as it were, whilst adding a perfect beach wave soundtrack. Running empty on truly original melodies, 'Many Nights' delves into a cascade of pop music styles, creating a subdued kind of euphoria on this album which is riddled with splendid tracks. On 'Many Nights' melodrama meets with Motorama. A brooding undercurrent desperately tries to sneak out. With five LPs under their belt, it seems that their best is yet to come.

Track Listing:-
1 Second Part
2 Kissing the Ground
3 Homewards
4 Voice from the Choir
5 No More Time
6 This Night
7 He Will Disappear
8 You & the Others
9 Bering Island
10 Devoid of Color

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