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Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016

  by Billy Seagrave

published: 16 / 6 / 2016

Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016


Billy Seagrave watches rising alternative rock band Wolf Alice play an explosive and dynamic set at the Academy in Manchester

Wolf Alice are a four-piece alternative rock band from North London. They formed initially as a two-person band in 2010 but since 2012 its members have been Ellie Rowsell(vocals, guitar), Joff Oddie (guitars, vocals), Theo Ellis (bass) and Joel Amey (drums, vocals). The sold out signs for this gig went up many weeks ago. 2.600 people arrive at a venue intent on having fun. Tonight’s support of Bloody Knees and Swim Deep help to build the atmosphere. The latter are surely destined to fill such venues in the near future, judging by the support and love shown towards them this evening. In the lull before the storm, a number of Manchester indie backing tracks are playing to keep the crowd going whilst the stage is completed, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', the Joy Division classic, gets this mainly young student crowd singing, dancing and moshing before Wolf Alice appear. The lights drop on a smoke filled stage. A very eerie dim backlight sees the band enter, not bouncing on like some teeny bop outfit and without the swagger of a grunge band trying to incite a riot but with a long hard stare out to the masses before them. The band immediately proceed to play a number of their most popular, upbeat tracks, including, 'Your Loves Whore', 'Freazy' and “You’re a Germ”, building up an already buzzing atmosphere to such a state the roof could have come down at Manchester Academy. The bar is set on both sides. Wolf Alice have come to put on a show. The crowd have come to show their appreciation for a band hotly tipped to go on to bigger and better things. One thing is, however, for certain. The opening gambit of this performance says they will relish the challenge. Their performance, however, is not all about thrashing out tune after tune. The band have a structure and a blend to their delivery that usually comes with more mature artists. The honesty and self-belief in tracks like 'Lisbon','90 Mile Beach' and 'Silk' simply endorse the depth of craftsmanship on display. If tonight is to confirm anything, it is simply that Wolf Alice have established themselves firmly as one of the best and more accomplished live acts today. Ellie Rowsell has become a very compelling and stable performer, as equally at home vocally as she is in grinding out a solo on the guitar. Bassist Theo Ellis delivers a wonder wall of riffs and hard hitting rhythms, only to be kept in check by Joff Oddie, who masterfully drives the unit forward through a textured pallet of grungy, rocky, blues combination of lead guitar, which is perfectly executed as Joel Amey meanwhile drums, keeping a heartbeat and pulse pumping throughout the performance. There is no let-up in the set, and the band then finish off with three refined and heavier tracks, 'Fluffy', 'She' and 'Moaning Lisa Smile' leaving the audience baying for the band to return. Coming back for the encore, Wolf Alice proceed to play 'Turn to Dust' creating an almost eerie atmosphere. They then play 'Blush' – with the audience singing along in fine voice- as a tribute to the fans. The last song 'Giant Peach' creates the biggest mosh pit of the night. The crowd does their best to tear the house down, and the band fuel the frenzy by delivering a performance worthy of any mainstage in any venue. The front of the stage looks like a sea of piranhas after it has found dinner, bodies thrashing, about people being carried aloft, and a vocal display that would rival any national anthem on any sporting venue. 2015 was a year in which Wolf Alice took their first real steps. 2016 will see them take giant strides forward. Photos by Billy Seagrave www.seagravesocialphotography.com

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Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Wolf Alice - Academy, Manchester, 10/3/2016

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