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Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014

  by Billy Seagrave

published: 13 / 11 / 2014

Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014


Billy Seagrave watches rising Bristol-based band Turbowolf play a raucous set in support of Royal Blood at the Ritz in Manchester

Turbowolf came to entertain us, and entertain us they did. They thank the crowd for turning up early for tonight's support slot to Royal Blood and in such large numbers, a tribute to a band which clearly has a future. It is clear from the outset they are comfortable in their own skin; they have a unique, carefully crafted sound. There is a heavy structure to the guitar playing of Andy Ghosh who knows how crank up the tone and drive the riffs forward, whilst Chris Georgiadis' gravelly voice, accompanied by his synthesiser, both have an edge and a style all of their own. Sometimes these have a demented tone, yet they are always in synch with the booming, stomping bassline of Lianna Lee Davies and crashing rhythm of the drums of Chris Davies. A plethora of addictive high-octane punk, grunge-heavy riffs keep on coming, while lyrically they have plenty of stories to tell, stories which they thrash out in their own unique way, There is always something that catches you unaware in each track they deliver. 'Rabbit's Foot' was a standout track for me, and one that hopefully will see them firmly establish a foothold within the industry... All too quickly as their set began it is over. If tonight’s performance is a stepping stone, all bodes well for their upcoming 'Download Freezes' headline tour in December, Turbowolf mean business, and they play as if their lives depend on it. With a single and an album due out next year, this is definitely a band to watch out for.

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Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014

Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014

Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014

Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014

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