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Pennyblackmusic - 25th Anniversary

  by Admin

published: 5 / 12 / 2023

Pennyblackmusic - 25th Anniversary


Some of Pennyblackmusic's favourite artists and labels help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary by sending us their birthday greetings.

TIM ARNOLD, SOLO ARTIST (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2023.) Wishing Pennyblack a very happy 25th BIrthday and here's to another 25 years of music and mayhem. JOHNY BROWN, THE BAND OF HOLY JOY/SOLO ARTIST (6 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2012 and 2021. The Band of Holy Joy played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in London four times in 2015, 2016. and 2021.) JOHNY BROWN STANDS WITH PENNY BLACK. LONG MAY THEIR LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR THE OBSCURE UNDERGROUND BANDS AND NEGLECTED MARGINALISED ARTISTS CONTINUE. YOU’RE A BEAUTIFUL SITE TO VISIT AND ALWAYS AN INTERESTING READ: THANK YOU X LEWIS BURNER, SOLO ARTIST AND THE BURNER BAND (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2021.) Happy birthday to Pennyblackmusic! Thank you for all the support. DENNIS DUNAWAY. WRITER AND ALICE COOPER BAND (3 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2015, and 2018.) Congratulations to Pennyblackmusic and us! It's our 49th Wedding Anniversary today so our celebration is on pause. DEBBIE BENJAMIN-KOHLER, DJ AND WINDY CITY SOUL CLUB (Pennyblackmusic feature, 2023.) Congratulations Pennyblackmusic for 25 years of sharing underground stories in music scenes from the UK and abroad. Readers and artists like myself are grateful for your independent voice breaking stories that promote music beyond the mainstream. AUDREY EADE, MOON UNDER WATER (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2020. Moon Under Water played the Pennybackmusic Bands Night in London in 2020 and 2023) Happy 25th Birthday Pennyblack Music! A brilliant online music mag. Thank you for all the wonderful support you've given Moon Under Water over the years,. It s so appreciated by all of us. HOWARD EMERSON, SOLO ARTIST (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2022.) Happy 25th Anniversary to Pennyblackmusic. JOHN ANDREW FREDRICK, THE BLACK WATCH (2 Pennyblackmusic interviews, 2022 and 2023. The black watch played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in Edinburgh and London in 2023.) Happy 25th to Pennyblack UK who've been instrumental (pun very intended!) in keeping the indie spirit lamp burning in The United Kingdom and beyond! Thanks, John and Co., for all the love and friendship down the years NICK GODFREY, PRECIOUS RECORDINGS OF LONDON 25 years, eh? Approximately 22 more than us, then ..thanks for your all dedication, enthusiasm and support – it really is hugely appreciated. Big congratulations – and don't forget, let's keep on making it precious DOUG HOEKSTRA, SOLO ARTIST (3 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2002 and 2021.) Happy Birthday, Pennyblackmusic! Here’s to the next 25, fighting the good fight and shining a light on the heroes and heroines of independent and/or outsider music. I am fortunate to have been featured in the magazine as part of this community, but this goes beyond nice (and appreciated) reviews to years of wide-ranging conversations with the estimable John Clarkson, the man steering the ship. As a magazine, Pennyblack reflects these connections that matter, between artists, writers, and all those with a passion for the something more that life offers in its very best moments. Well-done and good karma to you. JOHN HOWARD, SOLO ARTIST (3 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2018 and 2022.) Happy 25th Anniversary Pennyblackmusic Magazine! Fantastic achievement. Many thanks for all your amazing support of my music and writing. Here's to the next 25! ROBERT 'HACKER' JESSETT AND ANNE GILPIN, MORTON VALENCE (7 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2011 and 2023. Morton Valence played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night two times in London in 2011 and 2014.) Wishing you all the love and rock n roll the world has to offer on your silver jubilee birthday. Thank you for supporting Morton Valence through thick and thin! And for standing up for music such as ours that isn’t necessarily designed for mass consumption, and putting us shoulder to shoulder with some living legends on the virtual pages of your fine publication. And of course for having us at your legendary gigs!! We can’t wait to see you soon, hopefully at the next one!! Many happy returns, and here’s to the next 25 years. JANN KLOSE, SOLO ARTIST (2 Pennyblackmusic interviews, 2012 and 2018). I am thrilled to wish a very happy 25th anniversary to Pennyblackmusic! While I am grateful for the continuous coverage of my musical endeavors by PBM, I am more-so impressed that this international publication has been around for such a long time… Truly a rarity in today’s music industry! So, a very sincere congratulations from an artist you have given proverbial ink and also from one of your long time readers. RAF MANTELLI AND RICHARD O. SMITH, RAF AND O (2 Pennyblackmusic interviews, 2016 and 2019. Raf and O played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in London on 2016 and 2018.) Dear Pennyblackmusic, happy 25th! Thank you for being around and for having been a wonderful music hub for such a long time. We’re honoured to feature in your magazine with albums, performances and interviews. We hope you continue to thrive in the great work you do! Love to John, Dominic and to you all at Pennyblackmusic. ROY MOLLER, SOLO ARTIST (5 Pennyblackmusic interviews, between 2012 and 2023. Roy Moller played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in Glasgow. London and Edinburgh in 2012. 2016. and 2022) Many happy returns to the magazine that generously goes where few others venture, interviewing, reviewing and promoting gigs for artists with a real diversity of backgrounds and backstories, never afraid to shine its beam on those who may otherwise fly under the radar, myself included HANK OSASUNA, SPINMASTER PLANTPOT (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2021.) Happy 25th Anniversary Pennyblackmusic from Spinmaster Plantpot! Those 25 years flew past! You've always been a quality organization and i wish you another 25 great years. STEPHEN PARSONS, SHARKS (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2016.) Sharks on their 50th anniversary send best wishes and salutations to all at Pennyblack on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. We won't be around for your 50th but have a great time anyway. VINNY PECULIAR, SOLO ARTIST (7 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2007 and 2016. Vinny Peculiar played Pennyblackmusic Bands Nights in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh three times inn 2015 and 2016.) Happy 25th, Pennyblack. Big thanks for championing such a diverse range of artists,. It's been a pleasure to play a small part of your rich eclectic journey, long may you run. KEIRON PHELAN, SOLO ARTIST AND KEIRON PHELAN & PEACE SIGNS (2 Pennyblackmusic interviews, 2019 and 2022, Keiron Phelan & Peace Signs play the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in London on the 28th October 2023.) Happy 25th to Pennyblack! Always imaginative, perceptive, unexpected and exciting. Keep going! PROFESSOR ELEMENTA:L (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2022) I am very grateful to Pennyblack for helping to promote and saying nice things about me and generally promoting the world of independent music. You are much appreciated and much loved! I have sent a live badger in the post wearing a little birthday crown for you to keep around the office or eat or wear. It’s entirely up to you what you do,. He’s your badger now, my responsibility to him is done. Here’s to another 25 years you beautiful bastards! ROB PURSEY, SKEP WAX RECORDS, SWANSEA SOUND, THE CATENARY WIRES, HEAVENLY, TENDER TRAP (6 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2002 and 2022. Swansea Sound play the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in London on the 28th October 2023.) Happy Anniversary, Pennyblack. There are a lot of magazines, bloggers and writers who keep the independent scene alive, dynamic and intellectually energised, and we appreciate them all, but you’ve always been there and you never seem to miss a trick. You've helped us spread the word about our own music, but you’ve also introducing us to bands that we might otherwise have missed. You possibly underestimate how important you are. But we don’t! Congratulations. ASHLEY REAKS, SOLO ARTIST (4 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2009 and 2023.) Thank you Lisa, John and all at Pennyblackmusic for your ongoing support of my own music, and for being such a consistently high quality, varied, intelligent, informative and interesting magazine and musical resource. Huge congratulations on your 25th anniversary and here’s to many, many more! HEATHER READ AND JONNY MILLER, PEACH AND QUIET (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2023.) Happy anniversary. Pennyblackmusic. It is so wonderful to have this support from you for indie artists like ourselves. Congratulations on a quarter century ! Much love and enjoy the celebrations JOHN PHILIP SHENALE. ARRANGER/COMPOSER (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2023.) Happy Anniversary, Pennyblack. Thank you for being an invaluable resource of music and musician info. and history for 25 years. CHRIS SPEDDING, SOLO ARTIST AND SHARKS (Pennyblackmusic interview, 2011) Congratulations to PennyBlack on your 25th anniversary Here's to another 25 years! JIM SUMMARIA, REGULAR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHER Happy Anniversary to Pennyblackmusic. MIKE TARGETT, HEIST/SOLO ARTIST (4 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2000 ans 2022. Heist played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in London three times between 2004 and 2022.) In a world where music magazines have all but disappeared, the one beacon of independence and taste that still shines brightly is Pennyblackmusic. Heist were honoured to be amongst the first bands featured all those years ago and — like many others , I imagine — could not have done without the passionate support of John and the team over the years which kept us going when no one else seemed to be listening. So here’s to you — cheers, happy birthday and thanks for all the hard work! ANDY THOMPSON, IDIOT SON (2 Pennyblackmusic interviews, 2004 and 2014. Idiot Son played the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in London seven times between 2004 and 2022.) Happy 25th Birthday PennyBlackMusic Thank you for championing the underdog Thank you for all your positivity Thank you for giving us the platform And thank you for allowing us on to the platform It really is a magical thing that you do Have a fantastic night And we'll see you at the bar JEREMY THOMS, THE CATHODE RAY AND STEREOGRAM RECORDINGS (4 Pennyblackmusic interviews between 2011 and 20121. The Cathode Ray played two Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in Glasgow and London in 2012 and 2016. and Jeremy Thoms played a solo set at a Bands Night in Edinburgh in 2022.) Congratulations on Pennyblackmusic reaching the ripe old age of twenty-five. Your enthusiasm and support for music and musicians across multiple genres is to be applauded and much appreciated. Long may you run! THEO VLASSOPULOS, TONGUEMASTER RECORDS Pennyblackmusic has been a very supportive website for our label. Be it a review or interview we have always been proud with the well-researched articles that has been an asset to each release. Pennyblack shines a light on many corners of the musical spectrum that other outlets have ignored without any fanfares or pretensions. The broad choice of content always makes a rewarding read. Here is to another 25 years of success! ANDY WHITEHOUSE, SOLO ARTIST AND PSYCHOTHERAPOST (2 Pennyb;ackmusic interviews, 2019 and 2020) Pennyblack treated me with respect and enthusiasm when no one else was really listening . Their interest in and support of my work made a huge difference to me. Thank you and Happy 25th Birthday! SIMON BROMIDE, SCRATCHY RECORDS Happy 25th Birthday to John and the Penny Black team! Thanks for supporting Scratchy thru reviews, interviews, gig slots and plenty of music wibbling at the pub meet ups. Thanks also for encouraging me to write for the mag even though I haven't done much recently. You're all doing it for the love which is what shines through. Rock on!

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