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Fairport's Cropredy Convention - Cropredy, Oxfordshire, 11th...13th August 2022

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 5 / 10 / 2022

Fairport's Cropredy Convention - Cropredy, Oxfordshire, 11th...13th August 2022

Fairport Convention, the organisers of one of Oxfordshire's longest-running festivals, have thanked the 15,000 who attended this year's Cropredy event from 11 to 13 August for braving the extreme heat during that weekend when temperatures peaked between 32 and 34 degrees centigrade with sunshine from dawn to dusk. Fairport founder-member Simon Nicol commented, “As usual, we were delighted to welcome festival-goers from around the world. Fairport's Cropredy Convention has been running since 1980 when we launched it as a reunion for the band who had played a “farewell” show in Cropredy (near Banbury) the year before. The gathering has happened every year since – apart from 2020 and 2021 when the pandemic forced us to cancel. This year was a belated (and twice postponed) celebration of the 50th anniversary of the band's 1970 'Full House' album and the arrival in our line-up of our charismatic bass player Dave Pegg half a century ago. Despite the formidable heat, we were delighted that so many people returned to see us again. We are very grateful to them all - and it means a lot that so many people are as enthusiastic about Cropredy as we are.” This year's event featured sets by Clannad, Steve Hackett of Genesis, the Trevor Horn Band – with special guests Robert Fripp and Toyah, Seth Lakeman, Turin Brakes, Rosalie Cunningham, Shannon and many more. As usual, Fairport Convention opened the event with an acoustic set and concluded it with a two and a half hour closing show. There was also a solo set by Fairport founder Richard Thompson, one of the world's finest guitarists. Richard lives in America now but is a regular performer at Cropredy. Previously he had a reputation amongst festival-goers for bringing rain to the event - Cropredy has been swamped by rain on some past August dates. But the never-ending sunshine and heat this year has put that folkloric rumour to rest. “I'd actually hoped I might bring some rain and cool this year,” Richard laughed. “But it wasn't to be. However, rain or shine, I always enjoy Cropredy so much. There is a unique atmosphere there and there is literally nowhere else like it. I love every moment I spend there and it is great being with the other Fairport people too.” After the conclusion of this year's event, Simon Nicol said, “Because of the pandemic, it was a long wait to see this year's artists – but it was totally worth it. They all did us proud – just as our audience did. Hopefully we'll all be congregating again here in 2023!”

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Fairport's Cropredy Convention - Cropredy, Oxfordshire, 11th...13th August 2022

Fairport's Cropredy Convention - Cropredy, Oxfordshire, 11th...13th August 2022

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Nick Dent -Robinson enjoys this year's Fairport's Cropredy Convention, which as well as two sets from Fairport Convention, also saw performances from Richard Thompson, Clannad, Genesis, the Trevor Horn Band, Seth Lakeman and Turin Brakes.


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Nick Dent-Robinson previews this year’s Faiport’s Cropredy Convention, which, as well as Fairport Convention, will also include sets from Chic, 10CC, Toyah, Kiki Dee and the final ever UK performance by The Strawbs.
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