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Aaron Brown - Reviews

Die Krupps

Impressive reworking by German industrial band Die Krupps of their seminal 1981 debut album ‘Stahlwerksinfonie’

Pet Shop Boys

Fabulous dance-influenced thirteenth album from electro giants the Pet Shop Boys, which has been produced by Stuart Price of Les Rythmes Digitales


Knocking On My Door
Fine new single from Liverpudlian band the Hummingbirds, which merges past and present influences

Depeche Mode

Sounds of the Universe
Impressive twelfth album from Depeche Mode, who entering the fourth decade of their career show that they have lost none of their edge

Faith No More

The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
Unnecessary double CD Greatest Hits compilation from the already much repackaged Faith No More, released to tie in with their recent reunion and impending world tour


The Very Best Things 1995-2008
Often lacklustre compilation from American industrial group Filter, the project of ex-Nine Inch Nails guitarist, who unfortunately became more and more disappointing with each new release

Goldie Lookin' Chain

Asbo 4 Life
Awful comeback album from Welsh hip hop collective, Goldie Lookin' Chain

Therapy ?

Crooked Timber
Typically black humoured rock on thirteenth album from Belfast trio Therapy ?, which proves to be one of their best album in years


Ooh Yeah
Excellent new downlaod single from dance pioneer Moby which, taken from his recent album 'Last Night', finds him returning to basics


Tape Song
Excitable and unpretentious new single from the Kills, which has been taken from their recent 'Midnight Boom' album

Fighting With Wire

Man Vs Monster
Impressively raw post-hardcore on debut album from hard touring Derry trio, Fighting With Wire

Walls Of Jericho

Surprisingly soft-edged, but nevertheless effective new EP from American hardcore act, the Walls of Jericho

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Experimental, but decent first album in eight years from diverse swing punks, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies


Experimental, hip-hop influenced new single from Moby


Welcome return to form on eighth album from ever-controversial hardcore rockers, Korn


And the Sky Shall Descend
Demanding, but appealing combination of heavy guitars and hell fire atmospherics on reissue of apocalyptic debut album from Dirge


Bring It On !
Enjoyable psychobilly from crazy Los-Angeles based Danish group Horrorpops


Twisted Transistor
Strictly-by-numbers new single from ever controversial hardcore rockers, Korn


Strong but sometimes generic fourth album from the multi-million selling Sevendust, who balance extreme cutting edge metal with pop sensibilities


Brought Back To Life Again
Re-release of Danish psychobilly band from hell Nekromantix's rip-roaring 1994 classic 'Brought Back to Life'

Goldie Lookin Chain

Safe As Fuck
Low brow comedy rock from Welsh hip hop rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain

Goldie Lookin Chain

Your Missus Is A Nutter
New national anthem for excess from the ever confrontational Goldie Lookin' Chain

Nasty Idols

Best Of The Nasty Idols
Retrospective "Best of" taken from sleazy Swedish rockers Nasty Idols' four studio albums. which will appeal to fans of 80's glam metal

Loud 'n' Nasty

Too Much Ain't Enough
Unpretentious and tongue-in-cheek cock rock from long serving Swedish glam rockers, Loud 'n' Nasty


Sacred Shrine
Shallow collection of demos from Eidolon, the former 90's band of Glen and Shaun Drover who both now play in Megadeth, and which proves to be "mainly material for completists"

Damien Dempsey

Excellent third album of storytelling narratives from acclaimed folk singer Damien Dempsey, who is immensely popular in his native Ireland

Maximo Park

Apply Some Pressure
Cool easy listening pop punk on new single from Newcastle-based five piece Maximo Park, who seem destined for big things


Everything Comes And Goes
Excellent compilation on the Temporary Residence label with experimental rock, folk and electro acts reinterpreting Ozzy-era Black Sabbath songs

Sun Plexus

Or Ou Ferraille ? A Quelle Profondeur ?
Experimental debut album from French-based Romanians Sun Plexus, which recalls elements of Tool, Front Line Assembly and Nine Inch Nails

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